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11/25/20 Forecast: Rain then Crazy Looking Snow

11/25/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

Mild Wet Weather to Start, Then Snow

This week starts off with a mostly dry country except for the Ohio Valley and Southeast where there will be some significant rain and some storm potential. The Northeast could see an inch or two of rain. The next big system pushes down from the North early next week with a crazy cyclone swirl of cold weather that could amount to some significant snow in the Midwest.

Today’s weather is dry and uneventful nationwide with exceptions in the Northern Rockies, where there are some pockets of snow, and the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys where a pretty significant system is brewing up. A super soaker stretches from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf on Wednesday. Severe weather is expected in the South and in the most northern areas, there may be some snow – especially up in Maine and Canada. Some spots in those areas could see up to 4-5 inches of snow. Snow accumulation is expected since temperatures will be in the 20’s.

On Thanksgiving, there is literally no precipitation expected in nearly all of the country. This changes dramatically starting Friday and into the weekend when a helluva system pops up that actually gets a part 2 early next week. 

11/30/20 Cold Temps Cyclone Map

Cyclone of Cold Air & Pressure

A big blast of cold air is expected to come down from Canada early next week. It brings with it a cyclone of tight pressure and windy conditions combined with moisture that is expected to swirl around and make things interesting. A big spinning trough of air is going to create a trough in the Central U.S. and East causing a high potential for more snowstorms.

The northern jet stream is expected to collide with the southern jet stream causing a condition known as “phasing.” In the past, collisions like this have created some of our biggest snowstorms, but we’re not sure yet how significant it will be next week. It’s something to keep an eye on for sure.

Where will the snow hit?

It’s too soon to tell. It might fall across the Appalachian Mountains, or maybe in the heart of the Midwest. Either way, many of the models are projecting the potential for a big-time winter storm early next week. 

Early December Temperatures Below Average

Early Dec 2020 Temperature Daily Temps

Brian Ivey from Neoweather took a look at the average temperatures versus the expected temperatures in Ohio for the end of November and going into the first week or so of December. See the image above where average temps are shown in blue and expected temps are shown in green for Nov 24 through Dec 9, 2020. 

11/25/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast for snow contractors video below for all the details on this week during Thanksgiving, as well as a bit on the changes expected for next week.

Weather Forecasting Services for Snow Contractors

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11/18/20 Forecast: Snow, Then Warmer Than Average

11.18.20 Weather Map

Northwest Snow, Unsure About the Northeast

Today and most of this week, nearly all of the U.S. is expected to be dry with virtually no precipitation. The one big exception to that is a few spots in the Pacific Northwest. Up in the mountains, they may even see more than a foot of snow. Later in the week, a system builds up in the Rockies that could spread over the plains and into Canada and the Northeast with the potential for some snow, depending on the temperatures.

11.17.20 Great Lakes Snow Map

11/17/20 Great Lakes Snow

Yesterday the Great Lakes experienced some lake effect snow. Parts of Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania had widely scattered snow spots that produced several inches in some areas and even a little heavier in others. It wasn’t very organized or intense, but it definitely produced snow-covered grounds in some areas on Tuesday for a brief time before warmer temps melted things.

Potential Snow for the Weekend

After a very dry week by anyone’s standards, on Friday a snowy system is expected to brew up in the Rockies around Denver. At the same time in the plains near Kansas City and Saint Louis, a rainy system will kick up but warmer temps are probably going to keep that as rain in the East. We’ll need to stay tuned to see if enough Arctic air moves down to make this snow instead. If it becomes snow, meteorologist Brian Ivey says it will have to be “sneaky snow.” That’s something to watch for on the northern end of the system. Just a few degrees will make all the difference.

Crazy Warm Temperatures to End November

11.28.20 Warm Weather Map

The only thing warmer than dark red on a weather map is brown! Look at all the brown on the map above showing temperatures WAY above average at the end of November. We’re talking about 15-25 degrees above average in the warmest spots! Overall, the entire United States is at least a few degrees above average temperatures for this time of year.

11/18/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast for snow contractors video below for all the details on this week, going into next week.

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BOSS Snowplows Offer the Ultimate Reliability

BOSS DXT Snowplow Vplow

Will Fries, aka “Will the Welder” roamed around the 2020 Work Truck Show talking with different plow dealers and he asked them what they liked best about their favorite brands. One of the dealers Will ran into was Steve Jennings from Jennings Welding & Fabrication in New York. Steve has been a BOSS dealer for over 20 years, so he has good reasons for thinking BOSS has the best products. Let’s take a look at his favorite features.

BOSS Plow Advantages

Steve’s number one reason for liking BOSS is the exceptional reliability that BOSS plows offer. BOSS includes a 2-year limited warranty against material defects with every plow for peace of mind. In addition, the BOSS website has an extensive library of manuals and videos to help with replacement parts as well as an online parts store.

Steve also pointed out that he likes the functionality of BOSS plows. He said all you have to do is switch controllers to go from a V blade to a straight blade. He also prefers the BOSS chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system over a chain lift. The hydraulic lift system reduces plow bouncing and gives the plow full-floating capabilities. BOSS also encloses their hydraulics to prevent corrosion and to keep them from freezing up. 

BOSS plow stacking snow

Patented Dual-Trip Plow Design

BOSS combines a trip-edge AND a full moldboard trip system to give plows the ultimate protection from obstacles. Whether the impact is high or low, the trip technology will protect your plow from dramatic hits. Contractors can also tip the moldboard forward for better snow stacking.

More BOSS Plow Features

BOSS plows are also known in the snow and ice management industry for other noteworthy features. For example, their “D-Force” option dramatically improves back dragging performance. It delivers a consistent hydraulic downforce powered by a hydraulic accumulator. Note that the D-Force option must be added at the time of purchase. It cannot be retrofitted. It includes its own controller specific to that plow.

The BOSS Smarthitch 2 makes mounting and dismounting plows a snap. Just flip, plug, click and you’re ready to hit the snow. 

In summary, why buy BOSS?

  1. Trip AND Full moldboard trip
  2. Hydraulic lift
  3. D-Force option for superior back dragging
  4. Smarthitch 2 for fast mounting and dismounting
  5. Outstanding support & extensive online library of materials

BOSS Snow Plow Video

Check out the complete video below from our talk with Steve Jennings at the 2020 Work Truck Show. If you’d like to read more about BOSS on Snow Plow News, click here.

Great Features of Fisher Plows

Fisher snowplow at the 2020 Work Truck Show

Snow Plow News was super involved at the 2020 Work Truck Show. We met up with Eric Flores of Push-N-Pull in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Fisher snowplows booth. Eric has been an official Fisher dealer since 2008.  Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) from Snow Plow News interviewed Eric about what he likes about Fisher plows. Keep reading to see what he had to say, or watch the video at the bottom of this page for the full interview.

What Dealers Love About Fisher Plows

Eric likes Fisher snowplows for larger applications and for municipalities. He feels Fisher gives Class 8 trucks the robust option needed for powering through heavy snow. His personal favorite is the stainless steel HDX straight blade plow with its pivoting A-frame that gives it a cleaner scrape.

Trip Edge vs. Full Trip

All Fisher plows are trip edge. Eric prefers that over the full trip because he thinks “the trip edge plow is a lot less violent than the full trip.” He also feels that the springs last longer on a trip edge plow since they have time to rest and aren’t always being expanded. He says contractors don’t need to replace trip edge springs as often as full trip springs need replacing.

Universal Features of Fisher Snowplows

black checkmark

Powerful & Durable Headlamps

“Intesifire” headlamps are available in both LED and Dual-Halogen options with maximum light output and heated lenses.

black checkmark

Fast Mounting System

Fisher’s “Minute Mount 2” mechanical system for plow mounting doesn’t require tools or electrical switches that might fail.

black checkmark

Reliable Chain Lift Design

The chain lift design is more reliable than a direct lift system. It also provides floating for a cleaner scrape and higher snow stacking capability.

black checkmark

Interchangeable Electrical Controller

The “Fleet Flex” electrical system lets contractors use the same controller on different Fisher plows for true fleet interchangeability.

black checkmark

Ultra Secure Anti-Theft System

The “Security Guard” anti-theft system is exclusive to Fisher. It gives contractors an electronic locking system whenever the plow isn’t attached to a truck.

black checkmark

Two Universal Controller Options

Fisher has two options for their plow controllers: a handheld push-button controller or a dash-mounted joystick controller. Both have an automatic shut off, backlit buttons, LED lights to indicate “power” and “float”, and programmable options for things like soft stopping, one-touch float, security, and more.

black checkmark

Plug and Play Electrical Connections

An isolation module under the hood of the truck transfers lights from the vehicle to the plow automatically.

black checkmark

Pre-Punched Blade for Accessories

Fisher pre-punches their snowplow blades for easy installation of accessories and to prevent damage to the powder coat.

Interview Video about Fisher Snowplows

Check out the video from our interview with Eric below. Want to know more about Fisher? Snow Plow News has much more you can check out. Learn more about Fisher here or see more Fisher news here.

11/11/20 Forecast: Quiet After The Storm Then Snow

11.11.20 Weather Map Showing Warm Temps

11/11/2020 Contractors Winter Forecast

This week started with the lucky streak of much warmer than average temperatures across most of the country coming to an end. Many areas experienced temperatures 20-30 degrees above average, and there were a gazillion Facebook pictures of people enjoying the outdoors to prove it! What’s up next? Keep reading to find out what Brian Ivey from Neoweather is expecting this week.

Heavy Rain Out East

There’s a big wet system blanketing the East Coast area from The Florida Keys all the way up to Boston. This is from the latest storm in the gulf and lots of moisture coming up from that, while a high-pressure system in the Atlantic is creating a blocker to keep that moisture on land.

Snow is Coming!

11.12.20 Weather Map showing snow in the Midwest

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

Early Thursday morning a snowy system pops up in South Dakota that builds quickly and creates a mixed front of snow and rain that travels across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Pennisula of Michigan before it dissipates. That system won’t be very significant compared to what just went through those areas.

This weekend eyes are on the Pacific Northwest as a snowy system kicks up Friday and goes through most of the weekend. Most of the snow will be in the Upper Rockies affecting Idaho, Northern Utah, and the Intermountain West. There will be a decent amount of snow in spots from this system.

Monday is when the Lake Effect snow machine kicks in as cold air moves down from Canada into the Great Lakes Region. It’s too early to know if this will be significant snow or not, but there is certainly that potential. 

11.12.20 Pacific Snow forecast map

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020

11.14.20 Snow Wars Map

11/11/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Check out this week’s winter weather video from Neoweather below to get all the details on this week’s forecast. If you would like a free quote on getting accurate and detailed forecasts for YOUR service area, contact Neoweather today!

Best Buyers SnowDogg Plow Features

Buyers SnowDogg VXFll snowplow at 2020 Work Truck Show

Snow Plow News had a strong presence at the 2020 Work Truck Show. It was a great place to talk with dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and loads of people involved in the snow and ice management industry. Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) met with Dale Chestnut on our behalf from Double D Services in Verona, Wisconsin. We know that Dale has been a dealer for Buyers Products for several years so we wanted to know what he likes best about SnowDogg plows. Keep reading to see what Dale had to say.

Top Features of Buyers SnowDogg Plows

Dale has been selling Buyers plows since 1992. In fact, he was one of the first SnowDogg dealers they ever had. He said he recognized their value and quality right away, so they signed on. He likes that all Buyers plows come standard as stainless steel. That’s the best product out there, so it’s good that they come that way without any additional fees.

Next Dale really likes how easy it is to get service done on a SnowDogg plow. Buyers has highly trained professionals on their team who provide outstanding customer support quickly. He also likes their extensive product line up. Buyers makes every kind of plow you can imagine for residential, commercial, and municipality use.

The price point of Buyers plows is also something Dale sees as a huge advantage for them. He says they are a really good value – a great plow for the dollar! Whether you need a plow for your UTV, skid steer, light-duty pick up, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1+ ton, or any size, SnowDogg can help! Enter your truck specs and use their plow finder to see what models are available for you!

Buyers RapidLink Attachment System

In 2020/2021 Buyers is expanding their RapidLink Attachment System to its full line of truck plows. This system is amazing for quickly mounting and dismounting SnowDogg plows. Contractors can fine-tune the mounting height of their plow with a drop-leg and hydraulically powered “Jack Switch.” This system makes it easy to change the mounting height and hook up or detach even on uneven ground and/or with different truck heights.

Wireless Sander from Meyer Products

More Buyers SnowDogg Plow Features

There are a number of other important features that dealers and contractors love about SnowDogg. For example, you can choose between ultra-bright LED lights with active defrosting technology or high-intensity halogens. The floating A-Frame helps the plow contour to the ground for super clean scraping at any height. It also features double-acting 1-3/4 inch angle cylinders for powerful back dragging even in tight spaces.

Video on Buyers Products Features

Watch the video from our interview with Dale below. Want to know more about SnowDogg by Buyers? Just keep reading Snow Plow News articles on Buyers Products or contact Buyers today!

The Highlights of Meyer Products

Meyer Super V3 snowplow at the 2020 Work Truck Show

Snow Plow News tried to visit every booth at the 2020 Work Truck Show. We caught up with Tod Bozer of Bob’s Services in Alaska at the Meyer Products booth. Tod has been a distributor for over 25 years and a dealer before that, so he was the perfect guy to ask about what he likes best about Meyer Products. Keep reading to see what he had to say to our correspondent, Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) when they met.

Top Features of Meyer Snowplows

Tod’s favorite feature of Meyer plows is their hands-free plowing. The plow can be put in “hands-free” mode from the controller, then it can be set up to automatically drop when in drive or you can do the opposite and set it up to automatically drop when the truck is in reverse. In other words, the driver can use the truck’s shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade. Plus you can simply double-click a button on the controller to move the moldboard instead of continuously pressing the button. Tod says that feature is the biggest seller for Meyer in his opinion.

Next, the five-year warranty from manufacturers defects is a big seller for Tod. All the contractor needs to do is register their plow online within 60 days of purchase to get an industry-leading full five-year warranty on complete plow systems. Normally Meyer plows come with a two-year warranty, but by registering and following their guidelines, the warranty is extended to a full five years to cover defects in materials or workmanship. 

Wireless Sanders from Meyer

Along with snowplows, Meyer has salt spreaders and sanders that are hard to beat. Tod’s favorite feature of Meyer’s Elite pickup insert spreader is the wireless controller. They come with reliable Honda engines and they can be easily moved from truck to truck since no wiring harnesses are needed. The easy-to-use wireless controller allows the engine speed to throttle up and choke as well as turn on and off with just a touch of a button.

Wireless Sander from Meyer Products

More Meyer Plow Features

Meyer has been around since 1926, in fact, they are proud to say they created the first snowplow for an automobile ever! So it’s no surprise that they continue to provide innovative great features on their plows. Their newest innovations include a bigger and stronger than ever automatically adjustable Super Blade. It has flared wings that can extend independently or as a pair. The Super-V3 is their latest v-plow with industry-leading ground clearance and independently controlled wings. The Super-V3 LD packs the same features, but in a light-duty design for half-ton trucks.

Video on Meyer Products Features

Check out the video from our interview with Tod below. Want to know more about Meyer? Snow Plow news has you covered. Learn more about Meyer here or see more Meyer news here.

Why This Dealer Loves SnowEx

SnowEx Direct Lift Cylinder

Snow Plow News tried to meet with every dealer and visit every booth at the 2020 Work Truck Show. Next up is our interview with Jerry Heyer from Jerry’s Service in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jerry has been a dealer for SnowEx for years and our correspondent, Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) met up with Jerry to ask him what he likes best about SnowEx.

Top Features of SnowEx Plows

Jerry was a Blizzard Corp dealer before they were bought out by SnowEx, so the first thing he likes best is that SnowEx continued some aspects of the Blizzard design. For example, the slide box and moldboard provide excellent cleaning and scraping action. Next, Jerry really likes the direct lift cylinder on SnowEx plows. They got rid of the chain lift that’s popular on a lot of plows and have a hydraulic lift for efficient snow stacking and transport. It also gives contractors quicker response times and now even the down pressure option is available. Finally, Jerry likes the easy and high mounting height with SnowEx plows. They have better ground clearance with a higher height when compared to other plows, plus it has more lift height.

SnowEx Plows are Strong

SnowEx plows are known for their longevity and they are built to cut through the toughest snow and ice. They are constructed from high strength, low alloy steel making them stronger and lighter than conventional steel. The reinforcement ribs are solidly welded with a formed base channel that has multiple angles for added strength under the heaviest loads. The carefully welded headgear consistently delivers high quality on every plow.

2020 SnowEx RDV Plow at the Work Truck Show

SnowEx RDV V-Plow

The plow Jerry was pointing out features on at the 2020 Work Truck Show was the SnowEx RDV V-Plow. The RDV is built for half-ton trucks but packs the power of a much larger plow. It’s available in stainless or powder-coated steel and can be configured to fit most trucks out there. It also sports many of the same features known to give SnowEx their good reputation like powerful headlamps, a spring-assisted attachment system, self-aligning receiver brackets, double-acting angle cylinders, trip-edge protection, a flared moldboard, a snow catcher in the center, an adjustable width configuration, easy access cover on components, and hand-held controls.

Video on SnowEx Features

Check out the video from our interview with Jerry below. Want to know more about SnowEx? Snow Plow news has you covered. Learn more about SnowEx here or see more SnowEx news here.

Western Plows: What’s Not to Love?

Western Enforcer V Plow

Snow Plow News sent out Will Fries, aka “Will the Welder” to talk with a Western Plow dealer at the 2020 Work Truck Show. We wanted to know what Western dealers like most about those plows. Will ran into Jeen Stork from Stork’s Plows in Pennsylvania and learned what he likes best. Jeen has a large online parts store for snow plow contractors and he has been a dealer for Western since 2006, so he knows his stuff!

Western Plow Advantages

Jeen shares three main reasons that he thinks Western Plows are the best. First, they have a pivot bar for super easy drive-in alignment and it lets the blade pivot when plowing on uneven surfaces. This gives contractors a cleaner scrape and less wear and tear on the cutting blade.

Next, Jeen likes the removable receivers on Western plows. No tools are required on these babies to quickly remove them in the offseason.

Lastly, Jeen likes the UltraMount 2 system for easy installation and removal of the plow on the front of a truck. This mounting system is entirely mechanical, fast and simple to use. It has extra-wide 3-1/2 inch receiver brackets guide the connection into place. Then the driver just has to lift the shoe handle to spring it up, then pull the lock pin and rotate the handle up to lock it in place. Once you plug in the electrical connection, that’s it and you’re ready to go!

The UltraMount 2 snowplow mounting system is a one-piece design durably constructed on a robust A-frame/T-frame with 3-inch square tubing for extra strength and durability.


Western Ultra Mount 2 plow mounting system

Other highlights of Western plows include NIGHTHAWK headlamps available in both LED and Dual-Halogen models. The LED headlamps have EdgeView technology that directs light through the outside edge of the lamp to give drivers a full 180 degrees of visibility so they can see all the way across the entire plow edge. It is also heated with an automatic sensor that activates the heating elements when needed to keep snow and ice from building up on the lens.

The Dual-Halogen NIGHTHAWK headlamps generate heat during use that helps minimize snow and ice build-up. The dual cavity design has separate sections for low and high beam lamps. This gives drivers the option of two light patterns depending on their needs. They are also very resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Western plows like the Enforcer also come with the option of using a CabCommand hand-held controller with push buttons or a joystick-style controller. Both options include a power on/off and “float” LED lights, backlighting for easy night operation, and a plug-in connection for a fast and easy installation or removal.

Western Snow Plow Video

Check out the complete video below from our discussion with Jeen Stork at the 2020 Work Truck Show. If you’d like to read more about Western on Snow Plow News, click here.

Election Forecast: Even the Weather is Heating Up!

11/5/20 Weather Temperature Map

11/5/2020 Contractors Winter Forecast

It’s not just the election maps that are showing a lot of both blue AND red this week! The forecast is quite a mix of temps too. Brian Ivey from Neoweather gave Snow Plow News a rundown of what’s happening this week aside from all the election drama – and he did so in his election day best attire! If Neoweather had a vote of their own, the “Sunshine and Comfy” forecast would win, and that’s exactly what they’re expecting most of the country to see this week. 

High pressure dominates in most of the country this week so it’s mild and quiet (unlike our news channels these days). In fact, the temperatures are well above average in some areas and it remains dry. The only exception is some tropical storm activity that’s expected in Florida as the hurricane season refuses to call it quits. 

By early next week, the heat moves east and an area of low pressure and much cooler temps sweeps down from Canada into the Pacific Northwest. That’s when we get our patriotic temperature map showing blues out West and Red in the East. By the middle of next week, the colder temps cover most of the country as they continue to spread east.


Precipitation Forecast

As far as precipitation goes, as we mentioned, the week kicks off with a high-pressure system that keeps most of the country dry. Once the low pressure moves down into the Pacific Northwest and pockets of the Southwest on Sunday, it will bring snow and rain with it. That system will move east into the Mississippi River Valley early next week and turn into a soggy front that will bring a lot of rain with it as it continues east. Behind that system, there will be colder air again in the Pacific Northwest and Rockies as winter keeps revving up for the season.

11/10/2020 Rain Front on Weather Map

Moderate La Niña Brewing Up

Brian says we have a “moderate” La Niña building up with colder than average ocean surface temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. It is getting relatively strong in spots and some weather models are predicting a strong La Niña that will influence some weather patterns for this winter.

The National Weather Service says, “La Niña episodes in the winter months feature a wave-like jet stream flow across the United States and Canada, which causes colder and stormier than average conditions across the North, and warmer and less stormy conditions across the south. Historically for this part of the Midwest, fall tends to be warmer and drier than normal while winters tend to be wetter than normal. However, there are also many other complicated factors in the atmosphere and oceans that can also impact our weather patterns.” So keep an eye on our upcoming forecasts to see what’s in store for you this winter.

November 2020 La Nina Map

11/5/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch this week’s winter forecast video for snow contractors from Neoweather below to get all the details on the coming week. If you are tired of inaccurate weather forecasts or generic apps that don’t give you the details you need to run your weather-dependent business, contact Neoweather for a free quote on their private forecasting services.