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Rain Where it’s Needed & Lower Temps Coming

As we roll into August this week, we’re changing more than just the month on the calendar – watch for weather pattern breaks with some cooler temperatures and precipitation in some of the drought areas and hot spots we’ve been talking about over the past weeks.

7/29/2020 Weather Forecast Video from Neoweather

We’re keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isaias this week, as it moves through the Caribbean and may hit parts of the East Coast. No major damage is expected as it isn’t predicted to build up much over the land route it’s taking.

This week starts off with a large system of precipitation coming up from Texas, moving northeast through Tennessee and into the Ohio Valley. It is expected to maintain it’s strength with some thunderstorms through the heart of that system. The good news is that this will bring some rain to areas that really need it. Areas south of the Great Lakes are expected to see decent amounts of rain, more widespread than it’s been in quite some time.

7/29/2020 weather models showing expected precipitation
7/29/2020 weather models showing rainfall anamolies

Different weather models show the same generalized area will get widespread precipitation over the next 10 days. The details differ, of course, but the idea is the same – widespread rain for much of the Central US, Ohio Valley, and Northeast. By this weekend, that system will track into Buffalo and New England bringing much-needed rain to those areas. Out West, it’s expected to stay dry this week, with temperatures continuing to be above average.

Coastal High Pressure Systems Cool Central U.S.
Coastal High Pressure Systems Cool Central U.S.

High pressure systems on each coast are pushing below average temperatures into the center of the country this week and next week. This will give the middle of the country a break from the well above average temps experienced most of July.

Cooler Temps Expected in the OH & TN Valleys in August

The first couple of weeks in August are going to bring some relief to the Central US and into the Tennessee Valley with slightly higher than average temperatures. The Great Lakes will see some breaks in the heat, but nothing major. And the good ‘ol West will remain seasonably hot and dry.

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Who’s Getting the Heat & Rain?

Typically July isn’t a month where we see a lot of rain – but 2020 is anything but a typical year. Not only is the heat dome sticking around, but there is more than average rainfall in most of the country. Check it out!

7/15/20 Weather Forecast Video from Neoweather

Today kicked off with big time humidity and precipitation in the Midwest. Lots of rumbling and rain was in the air for folks living in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. That system is strengthening as is moves east into Indiana, Michigan and onward causing some severe weather for those areas on Thursday and Friday. This will bring a decent amount of rain, but no real break in the heat. Some spots around the Great Lakes will get a couple inches of rain.

The heat dome really spreads out on Friday with very widespread above average temperatures across most of the country.

7/16/20 Heat Dome Map
7/16/20 Heat Dome Weather Map

This weekend we expect to see more rain in the Midwest. There is lots of green and blue on the map, though nothing looks severe. Precipitation in the Dakotas and Southeastern United States is expected too, but it will be spotty. The West stays dry this week, which is typical for this time of year.

“Ridgerunners” next week will produce above-average rainfall in the eastern half of the country – even more rain in a month that is typically dry. Boooo! And the heat goes on… Check out the WELL above-average temps expected for the Northeast next week. Keep lots of ice-cold water on hand if you’re in New England, because it’s going to be a scorcher!

Holy Hotness, New England!

If you want cool weather, you’ll need to head to the Northern Plains for refuge!

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Even Hotter Weather Coming!

Hey, if you thought this week was hot, next week will be even hotter in many parts of the country. The good news is some areas that haven’t seen much rain will get a good dousing. But the big news is the scorching heat! Check it out below!

7/9/2020 Weekly Forecast – The Heat is On!

That’s right, the heat continues this week. Basically the entire country is experiencing highs between 80-110 degrees as the U.S. continues to cook. The big deal heat pattern will continue next week, but there will be some breaks and rain. A little tropical storm system works its way up the East Coast and produces some severe weather in New York and Boston on Friday and Saturday. A weekend storm kicks up in Nebraska as well, producing some severe weather there and in Iowa.

The Southern Plains will continue to have scorching heat and drought conditions. Abnormally dry weather persists in the West, with New Mexico and Colorado being the hardest hit. However, there are many parts of the country that are dryer than normal right now. The good news is that some rain is expected in these areas over the coming days.

7/10/2020 Drought Map
7/10/2020 Drought Map (red shows extreme drought, yellow is abnormally dry)

The Futurecast shows relatively widespread rain on Saturday and Sunday for the Midwest and Ohio Valley. Parts of that system stretch down to Atlanta to kick up some heavier rain there on Monday. Early next week a little trough system is expected to hover over the Northeast bringing some additional rain.

We can expect to see a new wave of heat pushing up from the South through the middle of the country next week. That air will split and cover most of the U.S. with much higher than average temperatures. In fact, we’re expecting highs to be even hotter next week than they were this week.

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