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Official Nationwide Long Range Winter Forecast 2019/20

Winter 2019-2020 Precipitation Map

You’ve already gotten a taste of winter 2019/2020 but what’s going to happen as it continues? What are the models saying for December, January and February this year? Here’s your official nationwide long range winter forecast from Neoweather. Meteorologist Brian Ivey takes a look at the general overall weather pattern looking at the models with the best historical track record to give you a long range forecast for our country. Check out other Snow Plow News blogs for regional long range forecasts.

2019/2020 Long Range Winter Forecast: Nationwide

The jet stream will bring plenty of cold weather across the middle of the country and then up into the Northeast. However there will be an area of high pressure over the west coast that keeps temperatures potentially well above average. No El Niño or La Niña are expected this year but we do expect a Negative Eastern Pacific Oscillation (EPO). That means there will be an area of warm, moist weather from the Pacific states that may collide with the cold jet stream as it moves east. This could setup a major winter battlefield in the Midwest and Northeast regions. In other words, the temperatures in the western third of the country are expected to be 2-4 degrees above average, especially in the Nevada region where it will be the warmest.

The weather in the Midwest and Northeast will be 2-4 degrees cooler than average, especially around the Great Lakes. When those worlds collide, that’s when the snow events will happen. The Midwest and Ohio Valley will feel those effects with higher than average snowfall this year – but might not be as much as last year. But look out DC, New York and Boston – you may be in a big time snow zone this winter with as much at 150% above average snow fall!

Winter 2019-2020 Precipitation Map
Winter 2019-2020 Precipitation Map

Most of the country is going to be at average precipitation this winter. The exception is the Northeast from Atlanta on up. They will have above average snow fall. The other area to watch is Southern California for above average rain that will turn to snow in higher elevations around the Rockies. Expect drier weather than last year in Seattle and the Northern Pacific states and in the Southern Plains.

Looking for more long range forecasts? Check out other weather forecast blog posts from Neoweather brought to you by Snow Plow News!

YouTube Comment -Divided States 2019-20 Forecast header
Interesting map. I’ve done climate study since the 70s so I stay up to date with a lot & look at a lot of forecasts etc. I think this guy is very close to really correct. I know, mets base winter Dec, Jan, Feb months. I go by the calendar & a cold vs warm season. December 21st is often first day of winter with cold season Oct to April etc. I always figure early Dec is late autumn & March can be very wintry even in South. March was when the South got its biggest snow in the blizzard of 93. I’m familiar with Duluth, MN weather. If you like cold or snow even with a warming earth, you get it every winter there & will for decades to come. If you love heat with humidity, Orlando is your spot. As for the winter forecast in this video, I believe if he makes the cold areas adding just a little more to the West & South, that would be perfection. I’d suspect below average as in entire winter combine as far down as Macon but not FL. As for precip, same thing a little more South just South of Atlanta & then a little more West included but every area he has. I think TN is going to be in the news a lot this winter. That’s a Southern State yet in a location North enough that it can get Northern winter type periods unlike Atlanta. I think there will be Gulf systems moving up this season. That Atlanta Northward area is always on the line it seems. I think just North of Atlanta it’s going to mix up with not only rain but sleet, freezing rain & three big snows. Big for those areas that is. The ice storms will be big news imo & then those systems move up East Coast with big snows imo I also expect a seesaw type winter in all his blue areas. That means times of zonal flows for average then even some above avg days & a return to longer times of below avg days that averages just about how he made forecast. I think he made a great forecast & I’m always picky about it all. I’m not thrilled with Joe Bastardi right now per forecasts but he’s good too. He need to leave politics out of his weather.

Ventrac Tractors Bring Power & Speed for Snow Removal

Ventrac 4500z Compact Tractor with Power Broom & Drop Spreader

Check out the industry’s leading Ventrac snow tractors for sidewalk snow removal and tight spaces. Both the 4500z and the 3400 Ventrac Compact Tractors have all wheel drive traction to tackle tough terrain along with power steering on an articulating and oscillating frame to maintain a light footprint and impressive agility. Need flexibility? They’ve got it! Choose from over 30 professional grade Ventrac Mount attachments to transform your Ventrac into a productivity powerhouse. These models in our video are shown with the stainless steel drop spreader. It’s the industry leading drop spreader for any type of material!

Ventrac 4500z and 3400 Tractors for Snow Removal

Ventrac 4500z Compact Tractor

The Ventrac 4500Z is powered by a 32.5 HP Kubota engine for ultimate power with the highest peak torque value in Ventrac’s lineup. You can run this machine on gas or propane – it comes Bi-Fuel ready. In addition, you can add an optional propane kit to give this tractor a “green” engine alternative for fuel savings and cleaner burning emissions that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. There are loads of accessories you can add to this machine aside from different plow options. For example, get picture-perfect sidewalks with the power broom and drop spreader all from inside a fully enclosed heated cab.

Ventrac 4500z Compact Tractor with Power Broom & Drop Spreader
Ventrac 4500z Compact Tractor with Power Broom & Drop Spreader

Ventrac 3400 Zero Turn Tractor

The Ventrac 3400 tractor is the perfect size and design for maneuvering and managing snow on sidewalks, yet powerful enough to move heavy snowfalls too. It features a 34-inch narrow footprint. The 3400 tractor is the industry’s best combination of power, visibility and maneuverability. Choose from over 15 professional grade Ventrac Mount attachments to transform your Ventrac 3400 into a serious snow machine. You can even get a heat controlled cab! Standard on the 3400 is Ventrac’s patented S.D.L.A. control, which allows for easy control of Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary function all with one hand. Combine these features with a tight 28 inch (71 cm) turning radius and you will find the 3400 can tackle jobs reserved for much larger, less maneuverable machines.

Ventrac 3400 is perfect for sidewalk snow removal
Ventrac 3400 is perfect for sidewalk snow removal

“There are multiple different ways to do sidewalks depending upon the size of the company, you’re going to either use a snow blower, shovel, ATV, Ventrac or municipal size machine. So everything has its benefits, one can’t do everything, but we found out that Ventrac can do the most.”

Chris Marino from Xtreme Snow Pros

And the SnowEx/Fisher Raffle Winners Are…

Raffle winners Anna Miller from Casa Grande, AZ and Chad Green from Dyer, IN

Remember that Pink Snow Equipment raffle we told you about at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) on October 21-23, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky? For the seventh year in a row, attendees had a chance to win a limited-edition pink Fisher XV2 V-plow and a SnowEx HELIXX poly hopper spreader. Well, the raffle was a big success and Douglas Dynamics raised a total of $11,173 for breast cancer through Susan G. Komen® Kentucky. In fact, Douglas Dynamics has raised more than $85,000 for the charity since 2013! Well? Who were the winners you ask… Anna Miller from Casa Grande, Arizona won the Fisher XV2 V-plow, and Chad Green from Dyer, Indiana won the SnowEx HELIXX poly hopper spreader! Congratulations to both winners from Snow Plow News!

Pictured in the image (left to right): Keri Foley, Fisher; Lynda Weeks, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Kentucky; Jeff Kopp, SnowEx; and Jennifer Andrews, Fisher.
Pictured in the image (left to right): Keri Foley, Fisher; Lynda Weeks, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Kentucky; Jeff Kopp, SnowEx; and Jennifer Andrews, Fisher.

“Given the timing of the show coinciding with breast cancer awareness month, and the great support we’ve consistently received … this has always been the ideal event to focus our efforts. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make this another successful fundraising year!”

Katie Sandieson, Douglas Dynamics

Booth space for the promotion at GIE+EXPO was donated by Sellers Expositions; Hedstrom Plastics donated the pink poly hopper for the HELIXX hopper spreader; and Fern Exposition Services donated the booth furnishings.

About Susan G. Komen®

Susan G. Komen® is the world’s leading nonprofit breast cancer organization. The organization works hard towards saving lives and ending breast cancer forever. Komen takes a comprehensive 360-degree approach to fighting this disease across all fronts and supporting millions of people in the U.S. and in countries worldwide. They advocate for patients, drive research breakthroughs, improve access to high-quality care, offer direct patient support and empower people with trustworthy information.

About Fisher Engineering & SnowEx

Fisher Engineering and SnowEx are a part of Douglas Dynamics, North America’s premier manufacturer of vehicle attachments and snow removal equipment. For more than 70 years, they have been innovating products that not only enable people to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively but also enable snow businesses to increase profitability. To learn more information, visit Fisher Engineering and SnowEx online.

Snow is No Challenge for the Avalanche Optimus Pusher

Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher

Looking for a big daddy to push snow around even when the ground is not level? Check out Avalanche’s Optimus pusher. It has been around for years and continues to be their top-end snow pusher with a sectional cutting edge, floating blades and self-leveling wear shoes. Each of the two foot blade sections float independently, allowing the whole cutting edge to contour to uneven ground without driver input.

Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher with Sectional Edge

Floating receivers and self-leveling shoes make the operator’s job easier, and because only the blades float, you can stack snow with an Optimus just like you would with a regular box plow. Each individual trip section adjusts in height in response to the gradient of the ground, ensuring that the blade is in constant contact with the plowing surface. Blade flotation on the high-end Optimus model works on steel compression springs.  Far stronger than the poly blocks used on other sectional type plows. The unique Optimus design gives sophisticated blade performance, without compromising the build strength. Braced side panels and a fi xed moldboard maintain structural integrity. The Avalanche Optimus combines strength and sophistication to allow “one-pass” cleaning every time.

Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher
Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher

Why get an Optimus? Steel blades are level, but parking lots are not! Don’t leave snow behind to be forced to make extra passes to do a job well done. Check out the Optimus snow pusher for your next piece of equipment! It comes in blade sizes from 10-24 feet.

Track Your Winter Operations & Fleet with TRAISR

TRAISR Winter Operations Helps with Tracking

Ready for some serious asset and infrastructure management technology? In other words, are you ready to manage your snow operations all the way from tracking trucks through invoicing? If so, TRAISR may be your solution! With TRAISR you can manage everything related to your snow and ice management business all in one technology solution including GIS, GPS, permits, work orders, snow operations, MS4, vehicle maintenance, inspections, and customer relations.

Traisr for snow operations management

TRAISR stands for “Tracking Real-time Asset Infrastructure System Reporting.” It was originally built for municipalities but the second generation release called “Winter Operations” was created to help snow and ice companies manage their business. It handles tracking snow fleets with GPS devices and a web-based mapping system with a dashboard that gives snow operation managers the ability to quickly monitor where their trucks are and what kind of anti-icing materials are being used in different areas. TRAISR will track trucks, materials and follow their workflow all the way into invoicing and reporting to simplify detailed operations management.

TRAISR Winter Operations Helps with Tracking
TRAISR Winter Operations Helps with Tracking

The makers of TRAISR are the McMahon group. They pride themselves on providing comprehensive training and support to enable your team to fully harness TRAISR’s array of capabilities. McMahon has been designing, developing and deploying GIS applications like TRAISR for over 15 years. Their application group is well versed in Esri’s and Googles APIs, as well as the latest technologies, which include but are not limited to the following: .net, JavaScript, HTML5, REST/JSON.

TRAISR includes a “GPS Centrl” service that uses GPS and GIS data integration to give you live, real time information to manage emergencies, deal with weather issues, track snow removal vehicles, and report back to residents or customers. This technology will help you make faster, smarter decisions in a current incident, and be better prepared for the next one. Track your vehicles, know where they are and what they are doing.

Top 5 Two Day Snowstorms Series: Chicago

Top 5 Chicago Snowfalls Since 1958

Winter 2019-2020 is off to a pretty strong start. Lots of people are saying we skipped fall and went right into winter. If you are located in the northern half of the country, that definitely feels true, but let’s gain some perspective and take a look at some of the bigger snow storms to hit across the United States in the past. We’re kicking off a series that looks at top five 2-day snowfall for some of our largest and snowiest cities. This week we look at the top 5 snow storms for Chicago.

Table 1 lists the top five snowfalls at O’Hare airport, over two days, since 1958. This table doesn’t match the top five biggest snowstorms for Chicago. Why? Because we stop the term at two days. Some of the larger snow storms to impact Chicago occurred over 3 days or parts of three days.

Top 5 Chicago Snowfalls Since 1958 Chart

The largest snowstorms in Chicago produce considerable snow but they aren’t the highest totals, as compared to other metropolitan areas of the United States. However, they still produce significant amounts of snow. The top five snowstorms produced a narrow, but high range, of 17.9” to 20.6” of snow. They also all fall in a narrow time frame of one month – January 2nd to February 2nd. That is very interesting and may be the result of a small sample size or it could be climatology. Compared to other cities in our review, this is a narrow time frame.

January 2, 1999 Snowstorm

This storm took a track that favors snow and heavy snow for Chicago. The track is common in our list of top 5 snowstorms for Chicago. Image 2 is a surface map from 6am Saturday, January 2, 1999. It shows an area of low pressure north of Memphis, Tennessee. The central pressure is less than 1004mb. South of that area of low pressure is another with a pressure of 1002mb in southern Arkansas. Chicago and the surrounding counties are reporting temperatures in the teens under moderate to light snow with a southeast wind. Snow would continue through the day.

Chicago 1/2/99 Snow Map

Image 3 is a surface map from 6am Sunday, January 3, 1999. It shows the area of low pressure has moved north and east into northern Lower Michigan and strengthened. The pressure has fallen to 993mb. Skies are cloudy to mostly cloudy to cloudy with snow showers in and around Chicago. Temperatures remain in the teens. By Sunday afternoon, snow showers began to end and arctic air moved in behind the storm for several days.

Chicago 1/3/99 Snow Map

This is a prime track for significant snow for Chicago. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The storm travels from the south. This results in a large transport of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. The storm track remains east of Chicago. Warm air advection remains to the east and this favors an all snow event for Chicago, as the city remains on the cold side of the storm.
  3. The storm is strengthening as it moves from south to north. Those are three significant and repeatable factors in large Chicago snowstorms.

The National Weather Service out of Romeoville has a very good write up on the Blizzard of 1967 along with statistics on some of Chicago’s largest snowstorms. You can read about that here:

2019/2020 Winter Weather Outlooks


Here at Snowplow News we love us some winter weather and anything and everything that forecasts snow and cold. And we know you love it too (I mean, why else would you be here, right?).

For the upcoming winter, we want to keep track of how early season predictions look compared to what really happens. To do this, we have five winter weather forecast maps below – NOAA, Old Farmer’s Almanac, WeatherBELL, AccuWeather and Farmer’s Almanac (Yep, there are two with slightly different titles).

Meteorological Winter is December 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020. At the beginning of January, Snowplow News will show the departure of normal for temperature and precipitation of the previous 31 days (December). In February, we will show the previous 31 days (January) plus season to date (December 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020). In March, we repeat with season to date through the end of February). As a result, you, and us, can see how the winter predictions are working out. We think it is really cool (Ha, ha; get it?).

2019/ 2020 Winter Predictions in Alphabetical Order:

AccuWeather 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
AccuWeather 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
Farmers’ Almanac 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
Farmers’ Almanac 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
NOAA 2019/2020 Winter Temperature Prediction
NOAA 2019/2020 Winter Temperature Prediction
NOAA 2019/2020 Winter Precipitation Prediction
NOAA 2019/2020 Winter Precipitation Prediction
Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019/2020 Winter Prediction
WeatherBell 2019/2020 Winter Temperature Prediction
WeatherBell 2019/2020 Winter Temperature Prediction
WeatherBell 2019/2020 Winter Snowfall Prediction
WeatherBell 2019/2020 Winter Snowfall Prediction

Light Up Guides & Heated Plow Lights Help Get ‘Er Done!

SnowDogg Lights and Guides by Buyers Products

Buyers Products has the perfect combination of snow plow accessories to really help you improve visibility and efficiency: SnowDogg Illuminated LED Plow Guides and Heated LED Plow Lights.

Will Fries presents SnowDogg Illuminated Guides & Heated Plow Lights

Both of these Buyers Products are easy to install so you can be up and running with more light than ever in minutes. The LED guides are compatible with most snow plows and bumpers and only require a few basic tools for wiring and routing the cables. The wire harness is 12 feet per side with a pre-terminated male bullet connector and ring terminal to connect to the guides. The SnowDogg Illuminator LED Plow Lights work with all SnowDogg plows and plug right into the factory standard wiring harness, making it a simple add-on.

SnowDogg Illuminator Plow Lights & Guides from Buyers Products
SnowDogg Illuminator Plow Lights & Guides from Buyers Products

Buyers Products Illuminated LED Plow Guides

Buyers Illuminated Snow Plow GuidesWhether you need to see your snow plow edges or your truck bumper in low light situations, the Buyers Products patented Illuminated LED Guides make it much easier. These babies give you superior control over your snow removal equipment with their fluorescent orange color that glows bright whether it’s the dead of the night or during a blizzard. In addition, their eye-catching look and distinctive glow help your trucks stand out from the competition.

SnowDogg Illuminator LED Plow Lights

SnowDogg Illuminator Heated LED Plow LightsThe Illuminators from SnowDogg will light up your path like you’ve never seen before! They are twice as bright as standard halogen snow plow lights at half the power consumption and they have and active defrosting technology to keep them from getting iced up. In fact, the whole lens of the Illuminator snow plow lights is heated evenly to prevent banding and streaking, which is common in most heated LED lights. They use long lasting LED bulbs that can go for years without being replaced.

Looking for more information on these plow lights or guides? Contact SnowDogg today!

Janvember Continues! Crazy January Weather in November

11/12/19 Weather Map

Well if you thought the January weather we were getting in November was a fluke, think again! Mother Nature is still teed off and is giving two thirds of the country more of the cold shoulder this week – although if you are located in the West you will get a nice warm up. Montana has certainly paid their dues already this year, so enjoy the break! Everyone east of the Rockies except for our friends in Florida will experience big time cold next week before you might experience above average temperatures the week after next.

11/12/19 Snow Plower Forecast from Neoweather

If you are in the the Great Lakes region, Ohio Valley and the Northeast you might still be cleaning up from Monday’s snow system that moved through. Spots of Southeast Michigan received up to 10 inches of snow! You don’t need me to tell you that interior New England is definitely still digging out after a huge storm. Today there’s a lake effect snow squall moving through all the Great Lakes moving east. On Wednesday a clipper forms over Montana and brings some wintery weather across the upper Midwest. Nothing big, but something to watch especially in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin before it weakens towards the end of the week. Thursday starts a quiet weather pattern across most of the country for a few days, just some rain across the Southeast and snow in Southeastern Canada.

Another system kicks up in Billings and Rapid City that moves across the Upper Midwest and Chicago near the end of the weekend and early next week. The place to watch is interior portions of the Northeast around Virginia and inland New York for a potential Nor’easter. If a couple systems come together in what’s called a “phase” it could pack a snowy punch for next week.

11/12/19 Weather Map
11/12/19 Weather Map

Many of you have been reaching out to ask about Neoweather’s custom forecasting services. Remember that Neoweather gives snow contractors:

  • Accurate & detailed forecasts specific to your location
  • Reports that tell you how weather will impact your operation
  • Information to make better informed decisions with risk mitigation
  • Direct access to professional meteorologists and consulting support
  • Weather customized to YOUR needs (unlike generic forecasts and global weather apps)

If you would like more information, contact Neoweather today. Mention you saw them in Snow Plow News for 20% off your first month of service!

Western Plow Lights: See What You’ve Been Missing!

Western Nighthawk LED Plow Headlamps

Will the Welder from XTREME Fabrication gives a shout out to the awesome Western Nighthawk LED Plow Headlamps. These snow plow lights have “Edgeview” technology that uses a dedicated LED bulb directing light through the outer edge of each headlamp for a full 180 degrees of light visibility across the entire plow edge. You’ll light up your plow as clear as day for the best and safest operating environment any time of the night. And that’s not all! Nighthawk LED Plow Headlamps are heated! That’s right – they come with an intuitive heating system that automatically senses the temperature of the lens and turns on the heat as needed to keep ice and snow from building up.

Will Fries introduces Western LED Lights for Snow Plows

These headlamps light really things up! They provide superior visibility with best-in-class performance, shining the light exactly where it needs to be, rather than relying on reflectors to try to aim the light outward. When used on low-beam, they provide a flat, even, ultra-wide, ultra-bright LED light pattern for superior visibility that reduces eye fatigue. When used on high-beam, operators can see up to 350 yards (3.5 football fields) down the road to experience a clearer view of upcoming hazards and the plowing environment. Also, with 100% LED performance, every single bulb inside the headlamps is LED. These LEDs provide maximum visibility with up to double the light output of halogens. 

Western Nighthawk LED Plow Headlamps
Western Nighthawk LED Plow Headlamps

Tired of “ice bridging?” The Nighthawk headlamp lens features an innovative, forward-sloped design without a bezel to help prevent ice from thawing and refreezing on the front of the lens. Nighthawk headlamps are also built for long-term durability. The rugged, compact design will withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, impact, water submersion, corrosion and shock.

Want more information about Nighthawk heated snowplow headlamps? Contact Western Products today!