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Fluid Film is Rust’s Worst Enemy!

Protect your snow equipment from rust and keep it working and looking much better over the years with Fluid File rust and corrosion protection. This stuff works! You can buy it in many sizes. Try it and see for yourself!

Fluid Film Rust & Corrosion Protection really does work!

Powerful Corrosion Prevention

Fluid Film is a unique lanolin-based brand of corrosion preventive and lubricant made by Eureka. It is insanely popular in the snow and ice management industry and used worldwide. It protects all metals from rust and corrosion and is also a superior lubricant for all moving parts. It’s long lasting and completely solvent free, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Fluid Film is made from specially processed wool-wax, highly refined petroleum oils and selected agents to provide corrosion control, penetration, metal wetting and water displacement. These long lasting products contain no solvents, will not dry out and will penetrate to the base of all metals, providing corrosion protection from both natural and industrial atmospheres. It is a phenomenal product that can help snow and ice equipment combat rust and corrosive effects caused by ice melt and other de-icing solutions. In addition, heavily corroded and/or frozen parts such as nuts, bolts, and shafts can be salvaged by applying fluid film.

Fluid Film Rust Protection comes in many sizes
Fluid Film Rust Protection comes in many sizes

Fluid Film is a long term solution that penetrates metal for matched rust and corrosion control with non-drying properties for outstanding lubrication as well. Spray or brush it on metal for a durable and continuous protective barrier that won’t harm painted or plastic surfaces. It also provides excellent water proofing with “no drip” bonding properties. Fluid Film penetrates right through rust, stopping all metal deterioration on contact.

Available sizes for Fluid Film:

  • Hand Pumps
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Brush Cans
  • One Gallon Cans
  • 5 Gallon Buckets
  • 55 Gallon Drums

Test out Fluid Film for yourself and see if it lives up to all the hype. We think you’d find that it’s the rust and corrosion solution you’ve been looking for in our snow and ice world!

The Best Snow Push Box on the Planet?

If you are looking for a truly innovative and effective snow pusher design, the Pro-Tech Fusion Edge is hard to beat. The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is a sectional push box that gives you BOTH a steel edge for incredible surface outcomes AND a rubber edge for ease of use. Everyone is talking about these! It gives you the perfect combination of durability and performance all at a reasonable price.

The Fusion Edge has been tested in harsh upstate New York winters for more than three years and stood up to the hype it’s receiving. It features the first combination cutting edge, wear shoe, and coupler design in the industry. Put this snow pusher on a loader, compact wheel loader, backhoe, skid steer or compact tractor and experience phenomenal results! It comes in 10 to 16 foot widths.

What’s Better? Rubber Edge or Steel Edge Snow Pushers?

That’s the ongoing debate, right? Well forgetdaboutit! The Fusion gives you the benefits of both! The steel infused-rubber cutting edge will cleanly move heavy, wet snow and also scrape hard-packed snow that requires less flex. The Fusion Edge also comes in 24 inch sections instead of one long edge so you can easily replace sections if needed. It’s ultra durable and is rated to provide 350 to 500 hours of heavy snow plowing. Both sides of the pusher plow have steel edges so you can quickly flip and keep plowing if one side wears down. The Fusion Edge is also built with a trip edge to keep you from getting hard impact damage when hitting obstacles.

Pro-Tech Fusion Edge SnoPusher
Pro-Tech Fusion Edge SnoPusher

The Fusion Edge has other unique features that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, many sectional snow pushers have floating couplers for better surface contour and control. However, those couplers usually only move up and down. The Fusion has a Pro Float coupler that not only moves up and down but also sideways, and it also oscillates. This additional movement allows the plow to freely float without obstruction, giving you a much cleaner surface.

Adjusting snow shoes on the Fusion Edge is much easier than on other push boxes too. Instead of loosening bolts, shifting long pieces of rubber into the best position, then tightening bolts, the Fusion Edge shoe shoes just require simply pulling a pin on each shoe, adjusting the height, then reinserting the pin. This “Fast Attack Shoe” is also based on Pro-Tech’s Self-Leveling Shoe design, which helps the operator maintain a level plowing position at all times.

Want to learn more about Pro-Tech or The Fusion Edge sectional snow pusher? Check them out online today!

The KAGE 2-in-1 Snowfire Snow Plow Box System Rocks!

Need to switch from a regular skid steer plow to a box plow in a hurry? The KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System has a heavy duty design that simply involves lifting up the box plow section so it fits over the snow plow to make it a pusher instead. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require any pins, bolts, or hinges. It also doesn’t have any wires or hydraulics that can break or get jammed.

Interchangeable Snow Plow and Pusher System by Kage

The KAGE system reduces plowing frustrations and hassles. Snow plow drivers can windrow or backdrag with the plow normally, then grab the SNOWKAGE box with their skid steer or compact wheel loader to push out their snow piles and windrows. Then they can go back to plowing in a snap after putting the SNOWKAGE box back down, all without leaving the cab.

Reduce Plowing Times By 25-50 Percent

Even though you will be able to plow areas faster, you won’t compromise the quality. The cutting edge and trip edge of your plow still works as you would expect it to with the KAGE box attached. You will always be scraping down to the surface in each pass. The shoes of the SNOWKAGE won’t hinder your scraping ability.

KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System for skid steers and compact wheel loaders
KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System for skid steers and compact wheel loaders

You can even continue to use the angle function of your plow when you are pushing. This gives you a huge advantage over most snow pushers because you can maneuver corners and turns without losing half your snow load!

The KAGE system is a beast during snow stacking and clean up too. It can stack snow higher and faster than a traditional pusher or bucket because it you will have more reach and you don’t have to dump. With the versatility of quickly adding or removing the box just by picking it up or setting it down, clean up is easy! It doesn’t matter whether it’s heavy snow, large open areas, or curb clean up details – the SNOWKAGE gives you seamless flexibility!

Nor’easter on the Way: Plower Forecast 10/15/19

Meteorologist Brian Ivey of Neoweather forecasts that some of the dryer weather we’ve been seeing in the Ohio Valley and South is likely to come to an end this week as a low pressure system moves across the United States. Portions of Texas, the Midwest and Southeast have been dry over the past couple of months. But that will change on the East Coast as a drought buster builds up in the South from a batch of rain that heads over Louisiana, Arkansas and Georgia to hit a coastal low pressure system that will help rain head up the coast to form a classic Nor’easter this week.

10/15/19 Plower Forecast Video

Rain and wind will hit the Northeast, especially Boston and into Portland, Maine. Hold on to your hats because it will be gusty and cold for a few days after the rain moves through. The cold air coming across the Ohio Valley hits the warm ocean air moving north to form excessive moisture and activity across the Great Lakes into New England.

After this front moves through it will be a relatively calm and quiet weekend in most of the U.S., especially in the Midwest and Central areas. The Northwest areas of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are the exception and they will continue to see cold, rain, and some snow through the weekend.

10/15/19 Forecast - Cold weather follows the rain
10/15/19 Forecast – Cold weather follows the rain across the Eastern half of the country.

Early next week we’ll see wide spread rain across the eastern half of the United States. Everywhere east of the Mississippi River will be rainy starting Monday. It’s important to keep an eye on that system as it moves up into New England because portions of Ontario may see some snow.

After the rain moves through next week, we’ll see much colder temperatures settle into the areas that were hit by rain.

Looking for specific weather forecasts for YOUR snow removal service area? Rely on a private weather forecasting service like Neoweather to make sure you know the key factors needed to make wise business decisions about when and where you deploy your team and snow management equipment.

Fast & Accurate Measuring Tool for Snow Removal

Looking for a faster way to measure parking lots, driveways and sidewalks? Check out Go iLawn for a super simple property measuring and bidding tool. Go iLawn combines high resolution photographs, measuring tools and updated property information in one easy-to-use application. Save time and money by getting accurate measurements for bids from the convenience of your office! How does it work? Just enter an address, business name or street intersection to locate a property and Go iLawn will return a property photo to you. Then, with a few clicks of the mouse you can measure any outdoor surface on the property. Save all of your measurements to an Excel spreadsheet and property photos as jpeg files to your computer.

Go iLawn Property Measuring Service for Snow Contractors

Go iLawn uses high resolution aerial photography (taken from a plane). Their photos are clearer than a standard satellite photos because they are taken much closer to the earth with a high resolution camera. Plus, most images are taken after the leaves have fallen off of the trees so tree canopies don’t obstruct the view of the surface you need to measure. They have 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada, so no property is left out! The age of the photos varies by county. Typically aerial photos are taken per county request.

You can measure any outdoor surface for any property type on Go iLawn with their simple measuring tools. They have several easy-to-use tools to help you measure property features like sidewalks, obstacles, ramps, parking spaces etc. There are also annotation tools to help you call out property features or make important notes. You can zoom in close to plan your routes and equipment before you ever see the property in person!

Go iLawn measuring service sample map for snow contractors

How is Go iLawn Different from Google Maps?

It may seem like Google Maps is similar to Go iLawn for measuring properties, but there are many differences.

  1. Go iLawn images are taken from an airplane and Google’s photos are taken from a satellite image. This makes for a dramatic difference in the quality and view of the property. For example, images taken in winter show more of a property because leaf coverage is reduced. Also, high resolution cameras take much better images that you can zoom way in on that satellites.
  2. Powerful measuring tools come with Go iLawn. Go iLawn’s Drawing Tools, Groups, and Data Preservation are powerful tools to help turn the Pictures you look at into Data you use to build a Systems-Driven company. We don’t know of ANY other system that gives you this power to build a data-based model of your jobs.
  3. Customer support. Google isn’t meant to be used for measuring, so good luck getting help from them for that purpose. Go iLawn is supported by experienced professionals and training is included too.
  4. Many more differences… include closer zooming for more accuracy with Go iLawn, multiple views are available of a job site, and in a nutshell – it’s specifically made for the purpose of measuring properties to give estimates!

Go iLawn gives you something you don’t get anywhere else because of the unique way it combines mapping, drawing, displaying, and saving capabilities.

Do the Math – Private Weather Forecasting Pays Off!

Are you using a private weather forecasting service to help make sound decisions for your snow removal business? If not, it’s time to think about it and do the math! Will the Welder from Xtreme Fabrication talks about his years of experience and how private weather forecasting in our industry pays off. Check it out:

Will the Welder encourages snow contractors to subscribe to a private weather forecasting service.

Like Will says, if you can get private forecasting services for about $300 or so per month even as a small snow contractor, it pays off quickly! Having pinpointed locations and times of exact snowfall from forecasters that are familiar with your industry’s concerns is invaluable. If you deploy your team and equipment two hours early based on weather apps or the National Weather Service’s general forecasts for your market, you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars on guys, fuel and trucks getting to a site too early. The more accurate the forecasts are that you receive, the more you can streamline your business and make money.

How many times have you stocked up on salt and scheduled staff for a snow storm that was only flurries or worse yet – didn’t happen at all?? Generalized weather forecasts simply can’t pinpoint which side of town you should be on and when. Their job is to forecast overall numbers for a population with vast interests in a large region. They simply can’t focus on precise locations and details like blowing and drifting, and moisture levels that would determine your choice of exact timing, materials and equipment. And you’ll never see them admit a “forecast confidence” range as private forecasters like Neoweather do. That’s because Neoweather wants to give you ALL the details to make economically sound decisions for your snow business.

What Do You Get with Private Weather Forecasting?

Neoweather provides several reports to customer every week focusing on their specific service area(s). First, a weekly forecast gives you a glance at what you can expect for the upcoming week. Also included are temperature & precipitation trends and any other pertinent weather information that we are watching. Next, when there is something cooking up you’ll receive the “NEO Firstlook” about 2-3 days prior to an event impacting your area. That will give you a first look at important data points such as start/stop times, snow/ice forecast, a snowfall map, our exclusive ThreatNet and more. They also get a Forecast Breakdown detailing all the information you need to know about an upcoming event: start/stop times, snow/ice forecast, a snowfall map, confidence level, Neoweather’s exclusive ThreatNet.

Sample of a NEOCast Weather Alert - Private Weather Forecasting Service from NeoWeather

During lower impact snow events, Neoweather customers receive a NEOCast Weather Alert for a quick glance at important details like start/stop times, snow/ice potential and additional information. This is for snowfall under 2 inches, a light icing event or mixed precipitation event. In addition, NEO Totals Powered by Weather Command brings you certified third party snow and ice reports within 72 hours of an event all in a convenient online dashboard you can access 24/7. 

Partner with Neoweather this winter season and you may save money after even juse ONE missed forecast from your previous weather source!

SnowWolf QuattroPlow: Four-in-One Snow Plow

Check out the SnowWolf QuattroPlow. It gives you 4 functions all in one plow hook up: A snow pusher, an angle plow, a back dragging containment plow, and a wide angle plow! You’ll get greater flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, all without any extra electric harnesses to hook up or additional controllers in your machine.

SnowWolf’s QuattroPlow is 4 plows in one!

Go from angle plowing, to straight plowing, to high-capacity pushing and lifting, to backdragging in a flash without ever leaving your machine! And here’s a total bonus: Enjoy a fifth function – wide-angle plowing by opening up the wings and extending your plow by 23 inches on each end in less than 60 seconds. The wings on the QuattroPlow operate automatically using only two hoses and couplers, just like an angle plow. You can move the wings all the way forward for pushing large amounts of snow, to the sides for regular plowing, or all the way back and straight for backdragging. This allows you to pull more snow backwards for a greater distance, so you can do it in fewer swipes and in less time.

QuattroPlows are universal skid steer compatible for 6,000-10,000 machinery. They come in multiple blade widths depending on your needs, and have 8.5 foot, 9.5 foot, 10.5 foot and 11.6 foot blade options. All QuattroPlows are 30 inches tall regardless of their width.

The SnowWolf QuattroPlow installed on a Bobcat

The QuattroPlow Smart Valve (a SnowWolf exclusive) is a hydraulic valve that controls the plow’swings without removing your hands from the controls. Angle right and hold for snowpusher position. Angle left and hold for wing plow or backdrag positions.

“The SnowWolf Quattro’s performance was phenomenal this season… We tested its efficiency at several different locations and each time it was increased by at least 25% over a standard plow truck with a v-blade. I would personally vouch for the Quattro to anyone who asked. Great investment even with the slow winter.”

– Tim W. from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Revolutionize the way you move snow – and your business – in the right directions with the QuattroPlow by SnowWolf.

2019-2020 Snow Contractor Winter Forecast

Check out the long term winter weather forecast for 2019-2020 from Neoweather. A lot goes into long range weather forecasting like analyzing pressure patterns and different weather models. According to meteorologist Brian Ivey, an amplified western ridge of high pressure is likely to be a factor this season. Some previous years that resemble this pattern ended up to be MEMORABLE.

2019-2020 Snow Contractor Winter Forecast

Last Year’s Winter Forecast Review

In 2018-2019 Neoweather did a pretty good job on their long range forecast. They predicted the cold up in the Northern Plains and that definitely held to be true. They forecasted warmer than normal temperatures in the Southwest, and that was true but even warmer than predicted and it went further north than Neoweather expected. Even though there were some very cold days in these areas, there weren’t a lot of them.

Factors to Help Forecast This Winter’s Long Range Forecast

Sea Surface Temperatures at the Equator:
Looking at water temperatures near the equator in the Pacific helps predict El Niño and La Niña. This year we’re seeing some warmer sea surface temperatures that might push us into a very weak El Niño situation, but overall we should stay very neutral. That just means we’ll have some warm days and some cold days, but neutral overall.

Negative Eastern Pacific Oscillation (EPO):
There is a ridging in the Pacific Northwest that typically provides warmer temps across the Northwest, then cooler temps across the Northeast.

Different Weather Models

The Snow Pack Model shows much less snow today when compared to last year on the same date in Canada and into the North Pole. So that will be monitored and hopefully improving over the next month. The American CSF Model shows a much warmer winter, but they have a warm bias and have been incorrect for the last several year. The European Model has been a little more accurate. It shows cooler weather in the West and warmer weather in the East.

However, the Canadian Model has been much better in recent years with long range forecasting. It shows the upper level heights. Their model shows 2019-2020 with ridging (high pressure) in the West and colder air in the East. The Japanese Model has done relatively well in recent years as well. Because of these outcomes, Neoweather leans towards using the Canadian and Japanese Models in their forecasts.

Neoweather’s 2019-2020 Long Range Winter Forecast

Using all of the factors and models above as well as many other tools, Neoweather is forecasting dryer, warmer conditions in the Southwest areas of California, Nevada, Utah and Southern Oregon this winter.

All of the Southwest is predicted to be 1-2 degrees warmer than average overall as well as Florida and the southern parts of Georgia and Arkansas. Much of the Central United States, Plains and Southeast are forecasted to be average temperatures. Then a large radius around the Great Lakes is expected to be lower than average temperatures. The lowest temps are expected to be in Eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northwest Ohio. Much of the East Coast will stay around average temps.

The West Coast will be more dry than usual. That extends from Seattle down through California and Nevada. The rest of the country will stay at average precipitation with the exception of a band of wetter weather from Oklahoma through the Tennessee Valley and Ohio Valley up into New York and Boston.

NeoWeather's 2019-2020 Snowfall Long Range Forecast
NeoWeather’s 2019-2020 Snowfall Long Range Forecast

Snow Fall:
The cold radius of weather around the Great Lakes region into Washington DC and down touching the Tennessee Valley will experience more than average snowfall. The other spot of higher than usual snowfall is around the Rockies. The rest of the country will be drier than usual and experience less snow than average.

Overall, Neoweather says the current warm stretch will last most of the fall into December. January will kick off the strongest likelihood of the highest snowfall and colder temperatures than average. Looking for more details and a private forecast for YOUR service area? Contact Neoweather today!

Blizzard in Montana & the Dakotas: Plower Forecast 10/9/19

Ready for the first blizzard of the season? That’s right! Montana is going to get hit with snow again already and this time it’s seriously impressive and more wide spread. It looks like North Dakota will get the most crippling part of this snow storm but Montana, the Upper Rockies, South Dakota and Minnesota should be on high alert. We’re talking unseasonably cold temperatures and 4 to 12 inches of snow across most of those areas and up to 2 to 3 feet in North Dakota! We are calling this a full-on blizzard because in North Dakota the heavy snow will be accompanied by 50 to 60 mph winds in some areas with 30 to 40 mph winds widespread! That will create some serious issues and snow drifts! This is also a snow moving storm so it will be around a day or two.

10/9/19 Snow Plower Forecast

After the storm moves into Minnesota, it will weaken significantly and fade to light snow showers and rain through the Upper Midwest and Northeast. The unseasonably cold temperatures will remain in the plains and Northwest, but will calm down in the middle of next week. The South will have sustained warm temperatures.

NeoWeather Forecast for 10/9/19
NeoWeather Forecast for 10/9/19

Looking for more details and customized local forecasts to help you plan your staff, equipment and ice melt materials for the next storm? Check out private weather forecasting services from Neoweather! There is no better way to be sure you are ready and don’t waste time and money when running your snow removal business!

SaltDogg Combo Body Dump Spreader has FULLY Electric Drive Option

That’s right! The SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader is the first combo body in its class to offer a fully electric drive option. This means installation is a snap because you won’t need to a plumb a central hydraulics system into your truck. Plus, a hydraulic drive option is still available if you prefer that instead. This all-in-one spreader and dump body combo unit keeps your fleet’s Class 4-7 trucks working all year round. It has 10 gauge 304 stainless steel construction is ready for any job, regardless of the weather.

SaltDogg Medium Duty Combo Dump Spreader Video Review

The SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader provides a 3-4 cubic yard capacity with its one piece roll-formed radius sides. Enjoy in-cab control with the convenient electric tailgate release. That will feel good in the arctic blasts! The double-acting Mailhot cylinder provides powerful and reliable dump action, while the high speed pintle chain conveyor feed rapidly spreads salt, sand, or a 50/50 salt/sand mix on surfaces.

SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader

Need a pre-wetting option to quickly clear large parking lots and city streets? The MDS has an optional pre-wet system that maximizes the efficiency and potency of your deicing materials. As if all of this isn’t enough, this baby is also designed with long term maintenance and truck wear in mind. It has a cross-member free design that makes it easy to clean, and a low center of gravity that greatly reduces the strain it puts on your truck. It works great with the Ford F-Series, Freightliner M2 Series, International CV Series, Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cabs, and RAM Chassis Cabs.

Enjoy the MDS’s all-season design as it saves you the hassle of removing and storing your spreaders when winter ends. All you need to do is take off the removable spinner assembly and put the included floor cover over the conveyor to get your trucks ready for Spring. Contact SaltDogg for more information!