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Meet the YES JCB Skid Steer, UTV & Telehandler

Check out the JCB snow and ice equipment tour! YES JCB is a Wisconsin-based dealer committed to new and used construction equipment sales, equipment rentals, service & parts. They’ll show you one of their unique, skid steers with a side door, one of their UTVs and a Telehandler that can stack snow up to 23 feet high.

YES JCB Snow Equipment showroom video

First there’s the “world’s safest skid steer” that has a side door for getting in and out of the cab with total ease. Your days of climbing over the plow through the windshield are over! Just open the door, put the arm down and you’re ready to get to work! Life is good! The JCB skid steer can come in up to a 3,200 capacity. JCB UTV knows for its fuel economy. Over 5 years it can save you up to $15,000 in fuel when compared to competitors.

YES JCB Skid Steer, Wheel Loader and other Snow Equipment
YES JCB Skid Steer, Wheel Loader and other Snow Equipment

Next up is the Workmax UTV made by JCB that is easy to maintain and drives up to 25 miles per hour. It has a tough 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel four wheel drive you can depend on.

The JCB Telehandler will lift up to 23 feet and is perfect for stacking snow after clearing parking lots. It also has 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer with a 110 horsepower diesel engine that’s very eco-friendly. It features superior quality components and comfort, excellent build quality, stringent safety levels and straightforward serviceability. Since 1977, JCB has been a pioneer in the telehandler concept. Over the years, they’ve remained the world’s leading brand in telehandlers. The JCB telescopic handler lineup is one of the most extensive offered, with competitive run costs, world-class build quality, enviable versatility and top residual values.

Neoweather – SPN is Our Secret Marketing Weapon

Brian Ivey from Neoweather explains how they use Snow Plow News for their marketing efforts and how it’s been extremely effective for them in recent years for reaching snow and ice management professionals directly. Brian feels that Snow Plow News attracts a lot of suppliers, contractors and vendors because it focuses on what’s new in the snow and ice world. Following Snow Plow News on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and emails will give you a ton of product and service information that’s relevant to professionals in the snow and ice industry.

Neoweather uses Snow Plow News for Marketing

Like many snow and ice suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers, Neoweather has been able to put out content through Snow Plow News that’s relevant to the industry. Snow Plow News has advertising opportunities to get the word out fast to YOUR specific audience as well.

Snow Plow News - The Leading Source in Snow & Ice Control

“It’s really invaluable for anybody to try and partner with [Snow Plow News] because they really go above and beyond, and want to take care of you – want to look at any kind of updates that you have coming (what’s new and what’s improving) because they just want to be honest and share that with the community so they can make the best decisions and help their own businesses.”

Brian Ivey from Neoweather

Want to learn more about how Snow Plow News can not only inform you to make better business decisions for your snow business, but also help you market your company to a select audience? Contact us today!

Revolutionary Snowplow Blades from Kueper (Küper)

Kueper (Küper) is setting new standards in snow plow blades with its Tuca SX Wave flexible carbide snowplow blade and its GK5 abrasion-resistant rubber-ceramic blade. These blades last up to 8-10 times longer than traditional blades! Kueper has been making snow plow products for over 40 years, but if you haven’t heard much about them it’s because they are relatively new to the North American markets. Learn more about these products here on Snow Plow News!

Kueper Tuca SX Wave Carbide Snowplow Blade

The Tuca SX Wave flexible carbide snow plow blade from Kueper is a state-of-the-art, high performance blade designed for long term use. It’s not just rubber and it’s not just steel – it’s both! This blade is incredibly durable and optimally flexible because it has separate tungsten holders embedded in rubber and vulcanized between front and rear steel plates. The rubber/carbide combination helps the Kueper Tuca SX Wave stand up to just about any road surface encountered while plowing, without damaging the road or parking lot surface. Simply put it’s a super combination blade for all types of snowplows and hard road surfaces (not recommended for gravel or dirt roads).

Kueper (Küper) Tuca SX Wave Carbide & Rubber Snowplow Blade
Kueper Tuca SX Wave carbide & rubber snowplow blade

Kueper GK5 Snow Plow Blade

Looking for a snow plow blade that offers extreme surface protection? The Kueper (Küper) GK5 abrasion resistant rubber-ceramic snow plow blade is your answer. This blade will protect surfaces more than steel blades and keep your plow from jumping on dry paved road surfaces. The GK5 blade is a low-noise snowplow blade made of rubber with ceramic inserts that give it an elastic design that adapts perfectly to every paved surface. It is the ideal solution for removing snow in areas that require pavement and plow protection.

 Kueper (Küper) GK5 rubber & ceramic snowplow blade
Kueper (Küper) GK5 rubber & ceramic snowplow blade

This is the only rubber blade that won’t jump when used on dry surfaces — an absolute must for operations. The highly elastic materials, embedded ceramic inlays and specially curved steel fastening neck ensure excellent results while protecting the surface of the road and cleaning very well. If you need to plow surfaces with decorative surfaces, markings or paint that need to be protected, this is the blade for you (not for use on gravel or dirt roads). It comes in standard three or four foot sections punched 12 inches on center. However, custom sizes and punches are also available.

Ending October with Snow & Cold: Plower Forecast 10/29/19

Let the games begin! Up until now our only real snow events have been in the Upper Rockies, Montana and North Dakota this year. That all changes today – if you live in the Midwest, you know that already! Early winter is hitting the Midwest and is likely to extend into Kansas City, Chicago, Wisconsin, Michigan, and over the Great Lakes. A strong system is forming over the Rockies that is cruising across the middle of the country with a snow swath setup that could bring some decent snow to the Midwest. After moving through it turns to mostly rain once it gets East. The cold front will continue into the Ohio Valley and Northeast United States, but the precipitation will turn into heavy rain and possible thunderstorms.

Neoweather says cold and snow will close out October 2019

Some lake effect snow is likely, though the exact amounts still aren’t clear. Future forecast models are predicting different snow amounts for Michigan and the Great Lakes over the weekend. Everything stays calm in the middle of the country and in the West, but a small system is developing for Monday in the Northern Rockies that will bring some rain and a bit of snow across the Upper Midwest and into the Great Lakes region. We’ll see some swings as temperatures adjust up and down next week.

10/29/19 Plower Forecast Shows Snow in Great Lakes
10/29/19 Plower Forecast Shows Snow in Great Lakes

It’s clear that there will be heavy snow in Southeastern Canada but the true details of system across the Midwest are more up in the air. The ground is still warm so there will be quick melting after some accumulation. The center of the band may produce up to 8-10 inches, but most of this storm will bring closer to 1-4 inches as it moves across Missouri, northern Illinois, SE Wisconsin and into Michigan. One thing is for sure – there will be widespread colder than average temperatures over most of the central U.S. and Midwest next week. Colder and much more active weather patterns are the new trend as we go into November.

If you are serious about your snow and ice management operations and saving money, consider a private forecasting service like Neoweather. They focus on YOUR industry and YOUR service areas – something that a generic weather channel or app simply cannot do. BONUS: If you mention SnowPlowNews, Neoweather will give you 20% off the first month of their fantastic service!

Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow: Go Big or Go Home!

If you haven’t already checked out the Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow, it’s time to give this one a serious look. This bad boy was made for moving big snow! The Storm Boxx steel edge pusher plow comes in 8′ and 10′ widths and has an enhanced, heavy-duty blade design that has a steel trip-edge for clean scraping. The 10-gauge steel moldboards give it superior strength and this plow measures 32 1/2″ tall with an optimized 63-degree angle of attack. Fisher’s Storm Boxx pusher plow attaches quickly and easily to skid-steers, backhoes, wheel loaders or tractors by using bolt-on, interchangeable attachment plates. Move up to 11 cubic yards of snow at a time with this workhorse!

Meet the Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow

Looking for a pusher plow with incredible structural support? Look no further! The STORM BOXX features a structural steel channel that runs across the length of the entire blade and is internally lined with stiffener ribs to provide structural integrity and bucket-impact strength. It also has robust side support struts that provide protection for the wings against bending from hitting curbs or other accidental impact. You won’t take a beating when using this pusher plow either, thanks to its steel trip-edge design. The steel trip-edge is constructed with four extension springs and reinforced with two double ribs at the trip springs to handle large snow loads and stresses. You’ll get an incredible service life from this pusher plow with the center punched steel cutting edge as well!

Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow
Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow

Ready to enhance this plow even more? You can easily add a back drag edge, high wear shoe kit or chain kit to the Fisher Storm Boxx.

Not only is this plow incredibly durable and built for big snow, but it also is a snap to install to various types of equipment thanks to the interchangeable attachment plates that just bolt-on. The quick-change attachment system features fully formed gussets that support both the upper and lower posts, which connect directly with the internal stiffener ribs for added strength and support. You can use the Fisher Storm Boxx with skid steers, wheel loaders, backhoes and tractors. Check out Fisher Engineering online for more information!

Buyers Products Launches New Plow Finder Tool

Finding the right snow plow for your vehicle from Buyers Products is now easier than ever! They recently announced that they now have a website landing page that allows users to quickly find a snow plow that fits their exact vehicle! Just enter your vehicle make, model and year, along with a few other key details and their website will display the plows that are available for a perfect fit! Once you select a plow, you can request local pricing and availability directly from participating dealers. This will save you tons of time and make plow selection much easier!

Buyers Products website snow plow finder
Buyers Products website snow plow finder

“It’s a win for everyone involved,” says Jim Nerone, Chief Intelligence Officer at Buyers. “People shopping for plows instantly get the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision and SnowDogg distributors get connected with potential new customers.”

The Buyers Products website also has brand new videos, photos and dynamic plow descriptions designed to make the plow purchasing process easier. If you haven’t seen their new website, check out these valuable resources today! The new SnowDogg plow finder can be utilized at

Since 1946, Buyers Products Company has been a leader in manufacturing all types of equipment for the snow and ice management industry. The Buyers’ line of snow and ice equipment includes SnowDogg snow plows, SaltDogg spreaders, and ScoopDogg snow pushers. 

Interchangeable Earthway Flex-Select Salt Spreaders

Since 1965 EarthWay has been a family-owned and operated trusted salt spreader manufacturer. They make both commercial and professional grade spreaders. Their Flex-Select spreaders are very interesting because they have an interchangeable tray insert that allows for one spreader to handle multiple products.

EarthWay Flex-Select Spreader Details

EarthWay’s Flex-Select spreaders are ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs, plus they are manufactured with either a single-tube “Diamond Design” commercial stainless steel chassis or a powder coat chassis. Customers can also choose between their commercial grade height adjustable t-bar handle or a professional shaped handle with an ergonomic grip. In addition, the Flex-Select Spreader can come with either knobby tires or turf tires depending on your application needs.

EarthWay Flex-Select Spreader Product Details
EarthWay Flex-Select Spreader Product

There are several optional items available for the Flex-Select spreader such as :

  • Optional Standard-Output PRO, High-Output or Low-Output Trays
  • Optional 3-Sided Deflector
  • Optional Left Side Deflector
  • Optional Rain Cover
  • Converts to a towable spreader with an optional kit

The Flex-Select speader by EarthWay has been on the market for over five years now and has been found to be a very effective, durable and flexible tool for snow and ice management contractors. Check it out today!

Calm Before Halloween Cold & Snow: Plower Forecast 10/21/19

Brian Ivey from Neoweather is forecasting a short period of some relatively calm weather this week and into the weekend before a potentially large system of cold and snow smacks the Midwest next week around Halloween. The month of October has delivered warmer weather across portions of the Southeast and into the Mid-Atlantic, while the Northwest and into the northern plains has seen quite the opposite. As you know a few snow storms have already hit Montana and North Dakota, as well as portions of the Northwest and Rockies.

10/21/19 Snow Plower Forecast

The excitement this week kicks off with a system in the Great Lakes area that is bringing high winds and rain that will be moving through the Northeast and then up into New England. No snow here, just cold and rain with extremely high winds.

Wednesday and Thursday are relatively quiet across most of the country – just as Neoweather forecasted last week. The one exception is cold air in the middle of the country coming down from Canada into the Rockies. However, there is no real snowfall expected with this front. As the week goes on, Neoweather has high confidence of the Northwest cold air continuing over the next 10 days while the Southeast stays warm like it has been all of October. There aren’t any super systems moving through the South, just some rain that will help bust up droughts.

10/21/19 Weather Map from Neoweather
10/21/19 Weather Map from Neoweather

Around Halloween the quiet weather looks like it will be coming to an end as a big trough of low pressure with some ridging will likely bring a huge storm system to the Midwest. This will bring the chance of snowflakes further south and east than we’ve seen yet this year. Make sure you watch this area closely if you service these areas so you are prepared!

If you want all the weather details that you need to make good snow and ice management decisions, be sure to subscribe to a private forecasting service like Neoweather instead of relying on generic weather apps. Neoweather’s custom forecasts will give you all the details you need for YOUR service area. If you sign up before the end of November and mention that you saw them in Snow Plow News, you can get 20% off your first month of service!

Neoweather – Better Tools from Better Geeks

Neoweather is a popular choice for customized, private forecasting services built specifically around the details that snow and ice management professionals need to know. But what makes their services valuable? Check the top three ways they help snow contractors more than generic weather apps!

What makes Neoweather valuable to snow contractors

1. Neoweather is listening to snow contractors and constantly adjusting to YOUR needs.

Customer service is huge for the Neoweather team. They focus on YOUR industry and are listening to feedback from snow contractor clients. They invest a lot of time into enhancing their services to make the information better, more accessible and to fix anything necessary. Each year they fix things that their team and customers don’t like. They are always working to make their services more user friendly. In fact, they have a new dashboard rolling out soon for clients to log in and get all their customized forecast information online with ease.

2. They take a personalized approach to weather.

This might be where Neoweather stands out the most. They make it a priority to provide individual support in a close knit environment that can never be replicated by large, global weather services and apps. Simply put, Neoweather is experienced and fully invested in the snow and ice management industry. They know what factors are important to YOU for making good staffing, equipment and product decisions for YOUR business and YOUR specific service areas.

3. Neoweather’s small team is ultra-dedicated to weather!

Global forecasters and meteorologists have huge staffs and an anonymous audience. They don’t talk directly with their customers like we do. They don’t truly understand your business. They can’t! They are too big. Neoweather’s team is hard working with an enormous passion for weather and personalized service. They love going to trade shows and other events to build relationships with their customers. That’s one of the ways they can keep on top of new ideas and services to help snow contractors. “We geek out with talking about snow and ice,” says Brian Ivey from Neoweather. Their team realizes the impact snow and ice has on businesses so they find their work very fulfilling to be able to be so helpful to clients.

Neoweather's hard working team
Neoweather’s team is hard working and passionate about weather!

Looking for accurate weather information to help make better decisions for your business? Consider Neoweather’s private forecasting services. They provide custom forecasts and reporting that focuses specifically on the snow and ice management industry. They also focus specifically on your service areas, not just on large metropolitan markets.

Synatech Stores Product for Free to Make Buying Easier!

Synatech Solutions has a fantastic option to allow you to purchase products in advance at lower rates, then keep it safely stored for free with no hassle until you need it. That’s right, their Shelter Inventory Solution includes storing your pre-purchased de-icing products for free until March 31st of the following year. Take advantage of buying your ice melt products in January for current year prices, and Synatech pays to store the product until you need it through March!

Synatech Solutions sells a lot of different products for ice management, including Safe Paw, Snow Glo, Alpha Melt, Ally, Magnify, Traction Magic, Response, Secure and their popular Chloride Free Entry ice melt solution. Entry is the first 100% chloride free de-icer that melts snow and ice in as little as 30 seconds, while you watch! Entry outperforms granular chloride salts for no additional cost. SynaTek products balance human safety demands with an equal focus on impact ice melt products can have on the environment. They are continuously improving existing ice management products while also exploring, testing and formulating new technologies. The result? You can trust Synatech Solutions products to be dependable and innovative while remaining safe for your family, pets, coworkers and the environment.

Synatek offers Shelter Inventory Solution for buying ice melt products
Synatek offers Shelter Inventory Solution for buying ice melt products

One of the burdens of purchasing products in advance is the space required to safely store them so moisture doesn’t get at them. Synatech helps with that issue by providing free storage after purchase. Don’t wait until prices go up to buy your ice melt products, buy in January when prices are at their very best and take advantage of this great deal!