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Buy Your Snow Plow Now to Beat the Price Increase

Sno-Way Snow Plow

Buy Your Snow Plow Now to Beat the Price Increase

You can expect Snow Plow prices to go up as we get closer to winter.  You may have heard the US is in a trade war with China and that trade war is making the price of steel skyrocket.  That change in steel price is forcing some manufacturers to adjust their prices for every order of plows a dealer receives (as a steel surcharge added to the order).

We have talked to dealers who used to honor a quote for 30 days but are now nervous to extend their pricing for longer than a week. Bob Miller (he did not want his real name used for this article), told us, “Normally Western updates their pricing every year on August 1st.  This year, they pushed out their increase on the base price of the plow until September, but they have not held back on these steel surcharges.”  Miller told us he doesn’t know how much he will have to pay for his plows that come in September, but the adjustments have always been increases so far this year.

The Sun Hasn’t Set On Price Increases

Steel prices are expected to remain high the remainder of this year in the US (unlike in China or Europe) and early season inventories for some manufacturers are dwindling faster than expected.  That means not only are plows going to get more expensive, but if there is a rush to buy plows before prices march any higher, people who need a new plow may find what they want is no longer available.

Some Manufacturers are Offering Special Incentives to Buy Now

Many Snow Plow manufacturers offer a great deal to buy a plow now before the Fall rush to ensure more pre-season sales.  This turns more of their inventory back into cash and ensures you buy from them rather than “those other guys.”  Even better, some manufacturers are offering deferred payment, so you can get your plow installed now and not pay for the plow until sometime during the plowing season.

The best pre-season deal we have seen so far this year is over at Sno-Way, who is currently offering a full $1,000.00 off of some of their snow plows. Sno-Way is also running special financing where you don’t have to pay for seven months.  I don’t care who you are, that is a big chunk of change to be saved when buying a plow.  (Disclosure: Sno-Way Intl. is currently one of our sponsors)

First Snow in Minneapolis, MN is September 24th

Remember Time for Installation

Every year we hear about the mad rush to get snow plows installed at the end of November…when snow is already in the 10-day forecast.  Can we give you a hint?  Bad idea.

In some years, most of the northern states have seen significant snow fall as early as October.  When you wait to get your new plow, you get pushed to the back of the line, get less choice for a convenient install date, and there is less inventory on hand to choose from for a quick install.  We asked one dealer about the wisdom of snow plow shopping around Thanksgiving.  He just gave us a horrified look and told us, “Really? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

We reckon if you want your 2ndchoice plow installed a day late and a dollar short, go ahead and wait until you are up against the clock.  If you like less stress, the pick of the mill, and paying lower prices, can we suggest you go shopping for a snow plow in September?

Graphic showing to buy snow plows in summer

But I am Still Mowing Grass!

Yes, we know many of you are still in landscaping mode.  Yet, if you follow the SIMA Best Practices timeline guide for your snow business, you know they also recommend that you are finalizing your contracts now and swinging into equipment evaluation and procurement in late Summer.

Good business practice means you are always planning and preparing two steps ahead of the need, so you are ready for whatever comes.  It is what sets you above the sub-par companies and why customers come to you instead of them.

So be sure to look into buying your new equipment in September and hey, be sure to send us a picture of your new snow removal equipment on Facebook.  We love to see the choices people make for equipment.