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GM Medium Duty Engineered to Upfit

GM has been in the medium duty business in the past. They know that often times, plowing snowing isn’t always a customer’s primary job. They probably are in the landscaping or construction business in the summer months. So during the winter months, they want to put a plow on their truck to move snow or a spreader to throw salt down on the roads.

 For any Vocation

With that in mind, GM designed their Chevy commercial truck to fit upfit not just for one vocation, but for all vocations including snow plowing. They want to make the process easy on their customers. You may end up spending more money than you hoped hiring someone to install the plow and tap into the electrical system to run the wiring.

No Hassle

Have you ever tried to take a truck that’s not ready to put a plow or accessories on? If so, you may know how frustrating of a task it is. Trying to determine where all the wires go or how to connect everything is a pain. All the switches for the lights and wiring can get complicated, which is why the Chevy commercial vehicles eliminate the hassle for you.

Ready out of the Box

Chevy’s commercial vehicles come ready out of the box. Put your equipment on the truck with few modifications and you’re all set! No matter what job you are using your truck for – plowing, salting, landscaping etc, GM’s commercial vehicles make the job easier.

Western Pro Plus HD – Brand New Heavy Contractor Plow

This year, we’re excited about Western’s brand new heavy contractor plow. In the past, this segment was served by their Heavy-Way, which is an older plow that did not have the Uni-mount platform or Fleet Flex Electronics. These improvements bring this plow up to the top of the list for larger jobs.

Easy Installation and Removal

The Western Pro Plus HD is an UltraMount® 2 for easy installation and removal, Fleet Flex Electronics for true interchangeability with a Pro Plus blade platform. With the plow at 10 feet long and 34 inches high, this plow is qualified for any task with no parking lot or street being too much. This modern plow was built for the heavy contractor Class 4 to 6 truck segment for clearing the pavement efficiently. Large and strong, the Pro Plus HD is here to help.

Along with the product development, Western is creating a list of applications specific to Class 6 truck mounts like the F650s or Navistars that have not had in the past. The heavy weight had a universal mount that the contractors assembled themselves. This improvement really brings this plow up to speed with the rest of the line similar to their launch of the Defender last year.

Western’s heaviest plow line is designed for heavy-duty contractor work. Let the newest addition to their line assist you in managing the task at hand. Built strong, robust and more universal for contractors to get more jobs done faster.

Western Wide-Out

Ford Applications Engineering – Snow & Ice

New Engineering Group at Ford

The Snow & Ice Industry is constantly changing and evolving. A main component is obviously your truck. Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Group has created a sub-group called Applications Engineering. This group is dedicated to improving Ford trucks in order to better serve the industry.

Liaison for Product Development

The Applications Engineering group has been connecting with upfitters to be their liaison with Ford’s product devolvement teams. This communication allows for Ford to hear directly what changes would increase the value of choosing Ford over other brands.

Dedicating Resources to Improve Snow & Ice Industry

Ford is being proactive and seeking the advice and recommendations from upfitters because they care and want to improve their product. Snow & ice professionals are looking for the best and Ford wants to serve you. Commercial vehicles are a large part of what Ford does and they want to support their efforts by dedicating resources to research and staff for the Applications Engineering group.

Great Feedback, Open to More Improvements

With this newly formed group, Ford has already received great feedback and is working on the ideas that have been brought forward. They will continue to be open to talking with upfitters to improve their trucks. With this new input, Ford’s improvements to their snowplow prep package will only get better. Ford is ready and willing to serve the snow and ice ever changing snow and ice industry.

Buyers Advances SnowDogg Plow 2018 VXFII Model

Buyers improvements to the SnowDogg Plows take away the pressure of rushing out the door to get the job done. Stay calm with their latest jack switch to get you on the road quicker!

SnowDogg plows have been around for over 10 years now and the spreaders for much longer than that. One of the things we are really excited is the 2018 VXFII model. There have been tremendous improvements and changes made over the previous model to make your job easier.

In addition to some significant improvements in the prop mechanism, we are extremely passionate about the all new jack switch. The VXFII model allows you to adjust the height of the plow off the truck and save you the hassle of dedicating a jack for the job. Without a dedicated jack, you probably end up grabbing a few guys to lift the plow onto the truck. Need to move your plow to a different truck? No problem with the jack switch. Are you in gravel or did your truck pop back? Let the jack switch assist.

With the jack switch, you can raise the plow up to at least 4-inches higher than its dismount position to accommodate a different truck or any sagging into the ground. There is also an improved chain lift and prop feet to go along with the jack switch. These changes allow the jack switch to work even easier.

While the plows work great and do their job, we know that there are always situations that could be improved with new ideas. The Buyers engineers are always thinking ahead to help you do your job more efficiently. Ever get that 3am call and have to jump in the truck right away? The last thing you need to worry about is getting your plow on the truck in a pinch. Buyers advancements in the VXFII model are all about you and creating an easier, quicker flow for moving your plow.

Xtreme Fabrication Showcases Pro-Tech

Xtreme Fabrication is excited to talk about Pro-Tech’s newest product, the Fusion Box. Pro-Tech has been known for Sno Pushers since 1993 and Xtreme Fabrication knows they make a solid product. The all new Fusion Box has ice scraping technology with a steel cutting edge combined with rubber technology. This combo gives you the best of both worlds.

Easy Replacement

A unique feature that Pro-Tech brought in this model is 24-inch sections on the molded edge steel for scraping. If you have any damage or need to replace anything, you don’t need to replace the entire edge, only the 24-inch section. The edge also stays in a fixed position and you are able to adjust the shoes. With great capability and fantastic wear, this Sno Pusher is a great choice.

You’re in Control

The rubber cutting edge has molded rubber in the pusher itself, giving you the flexibility to flex it back and forth. The all new Pro-Float Coupler allows you to flex up and down as well as side to side. This standard feature gives you ultimate control and flexibly to get the job done.

Versatile, Simple, Reliable

With versatility and a simple design, this the Fusion Box has no moving parts. Xtreme Fabrication relies on a user-friendly product like the Fusion Box for their needs. They’ve been selling Sno Pushers for over 15 years and haven’t looked back since. Great products are what they look for and Pro-Tech delivers.

Xtreme Fabrication Showcases Buyers Products

Xtreme Fabrication is a dealer located in central Maryland. They are the only dealer open 24 hours, guaranteed if it snows. Rely on them for all your needs when you are in a pinch. They are a huge Buyers dealer and absolutely love their product line. They know the products are reliable and durable to fit the needs of their customers.

 SnowDogg VXF2

With so many new products coming out, Xtreme Fabrication is excited to show them off. The SnowDogg VXF2 is the newest version with nice design improvements. The advancements include better flip feet, improved mounting system and a higher mounting height that allows for getting your plow on and off the truck easier. Also featured is a 304 stainless steel moldboard, which means no painting needed. Xtreme Fabrication sells a lot of SnowDogg plows and stand behind their quality. The excitement generated with these plows is truly a reflection of the quality.

 Municipal Plows

The latest SnowDogg municipal plow is 10ft full trip plow with 8 different hitches available depending on what system you have. The municipal plow is about a 2000 lb. plow, built for heavy duty jobs.

SaltDogg also featured the MDS or Municipal Dump Spreader. It is a dump body and spreader –  all in one unit. Conveniently combined for your work. Instead of buying a stainless-steel dump body and a stainless-steel spreader, you get it all in one unit! You have options starting at 9ft up to 15ft lengths. Two configurations are also available to suit your needs. The MDS features an auger drive and a drag chain. The drag chain version can actually handle asphalt for patch work. A unique feature that may be a nice addition for you.

The Municipal Dump Spreader dumps as a regular dump truck and features 1/4in stainless steel. A great addition for your municipal needs. The roll body makes sure no material will get stuck and you’ll have a smooth, easy experience. You don’t want to worry about any material issues when you are out on the roads. The MDS will take care of that for you.

In the back of the MDS, you will find the spinner assembly. It clips on with two pins quickly and then you can hook up the hydraulics. When you pull the gate valve, you then have it built into the spreader. When the job is done, close the gate valve, take it off and your back to a dump truck. No hassle, all business with the MDS.

 SaltDogg Pro 2000

A final look at products brings us to the SaltDogg Pro 2000. Buyers took the legendary SaltDogg 2000 and put it on steroids. Included in the features is a bigger auger at 5 ½ inches, bigger spinner and bigger vibrator. Packed with new features and capability, the Pro 2000 is a step above the SaltDogg 2000. The flip up hard lid is also new this year and Xtreme Fabrication will have the optional lids in stock for you. Xtreme Fabrication backs up Buyers and will offer everything you need to get the job done right.

Revolutionary V-Box Spreader or RVB, Built by Demand

Customers and contractors asked and Sno-Way listened. The demand for a competitively priced V-box was high. Sno-Way wants their customers to have exactly what they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a variety of models within the series, the new Revolutionary V-Box is priced right, just for you.

We know you have a range of materials to spread – bulk salt, wet or dry, sand, pea gravel, you name it, we know the RVB, or Revolutionary V-Box will be sure to fit your needs. Stay in control and let the RVB do the work.

The Revolutionary V-Box series consists of 6 different models suited for your needs. There is something for each contractor or customer no matter what material or amount you are spreading.

RVB Series Models

RVB 2500– 8ft, 2.5 yard capacity for 1 ton or larger

RVB 2000– 8ft 2 yard capacity for 1 ton or larger

RVB 1500– 8ft 1.5 yard capacity for ¾ ton or larger

RVB 750– 6ft .75 yard capacity for ½ ton or larger

RVB 500 – 5ft .50 yard capacity for UTV, light duty or largers

RVB 10– 10 cubic foot capacity. The RVB 10 model was primarily designed for UTVs and smaller pick-up trucks.

Built for performance and provides years of service, Sno-Way’s Revolutionary V-Box series will not disappoint. Professionals of Snow & Ice Removal, these were built for you! You asked and Sno-Way delivered a heavy-duty spreader at an honest price.

Buyers Snowdogg VXFII – Revamped for 2018

Buyers has made a great plow even better with a new jack switch that is able to get you out on the road and plowing in less time.

SnowDogg plows have been clearing the white stuff for over a decade now. Known for innovative features, Buyers has continued that tradition with their improvements to the 2018 VXFII Snow Plow. Using input from users like you, they are always finding ways to make your job easier – which gets you more money in less time.

Not only has Buyers made significant improvements in the prop mechanism, we are really excited about their all new jack switch. The VXFII lets you adjust the height of the plow, even when it isn’t attached to your truck.  No longer is there need for you to have an extra jack just for your plow. Need to move your plow to a different truck? Not a problem with the jack switch. Are you in gravel or did your truck pop back? The jack switch has you covered.

The jack switch gives you up to an additional 4 inches of height from the plow’s dismounted position. You no longer have any issues with switching your plow to a different truck or with ground sag. To make the jack switch even easier to use they have also improved the chain lift and the prop feet.

The engineers at Buyers are always thinking ahead to help you get out and on the road faster. The innovations in the VXFII snow plow are all about getting you to the job site faster which saves you time and money.