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Does Global Warming & Climate Change Affect El Niño?

Rob discusses the impact of climate change and global warming on future El Niño and La Niña patterns.  Read further to find how large the impact can be…

Global Warming & Climate Change Are Hot Topics: How Does It Affect Us?

The debate over climate change and global warming is ‘heating up’ and a topic for many water cooler conversations. Politicians use it to change rules and policy. How does it effect you and me though?

1. Is global warming real? Yes!
2. Is climate change legitimate? Yes!
3. Does man influence the climate? Nobody knows for sure how we impact the climate or if we can.

What we do know is that the earth goes through cycles of cooling and warming. These cycles influence the climate and weather patterns. There also happens to be a really big ball of hot gas out there (we call the sun) that has a huge influence on our climate. This, along with atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures, leads to global warming and cooling.

Future El Niño & La Niña Patterns

What should we expect from future El Niños and La Niñas? All indications are that we’ll experience more extreme weather events as climate change takes place. In other words, future El Niño’s will lead to nastier, more severe weather. There’s really no question that weather events are being effected by climate change. Does your diesel truck have an impact? Ultimately, it’s hard to imagine that it has much influence on something as enormous as the earth’s climate. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore our responsibilities. For the same reason we maintain our homes, trucks, equipment and property, we can also make good choices to preserve a clean, healthy environment. Let’s face it, we’d much rather live in a comfortable, clean home than a dirty, filthy home that smells bad.

The Ocean Is A Major Contributor To Weather Conditions

According to estimates, a little over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Approximately, 96% of that water makes up the oceans. That’s a considerable portion of the earth’s surface and has a big effect on our climate. We mentioned the sun above playing an important role. The oceans, particularly the Pacific, influence America’s climate.

EL NINO VS CLIMATE CHANGEAs the Pacific warms up, it results in bigger hurricanes which causes more extreme weather conditions on land in the U.S. When the ocean’s water temperatures cool down, it means bigger winter storms because of the increased moisture in the atmosphere.


Bigger El NinosGlobal warming has a BIG impact on El Niño and La Niña. Will the coming winter be good for your snow removal business? As we’ve discussed in previous weather articles, it all depends on where you live. If you stay tuned, we’ll make sure you have a head’s up. Stay up to date on winter weather and the newest snow and ice removal innovations. Sign up for SPN’s online newsletter and get it all delivered right to your inbox. Watch more of Rob’s weather videos and read more weather articles.

Save Over $800: Sno-Way Has The Ultimate Contractor Plow Package Available For A Limited Time

SW-contractor-madness-preseasonNow through June 30, 2016, Sno-Way is offering the Ultimate Contractor Plow Package. The package includes over $800 in Savings. Is it crazy to talk about next winter at the beginning of Summer? Not if you want to stay on top of your game and continue to improve your bottom line. This Sno-Way Pre-Season Offer is substantial.

Here’s what you get:

1. Free Down Pressure HydraulicsSno-Way logo
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Plus, Sno-Way plans start at only $105/month. Check out all the details.

Why You Should Buy a Snow Plow at the End of the Season

2011-11-24 14.54.32

Buying a Snow Plow at the End of the
Season Saves You Big Money

Did you know after the last snow flake melts off the ground is one of the best times to buy a new snow plow? It is not rocket science, seasonal items like Christmas Trees and Snow Plows are a weight around a seller’s neck if they have to store unsold inventory for six months. Now is the time to get the best deals on a snow plow.

Sno-Way Snow Plow

Why Dealers Are Hot for You to Buy Now

Think about it. If retailers have old inventory they have to
  • Store the Inventory in a clean, safe place so it looks like new to the final customer six months from now
  • Pay the manufacturer for the inventory on the shelves
  • Pay to insure the inventory to protect against theft or damage
  • Keep track of the inventory for proper accounting
  • Hope the manufacturer does not change the model so much that everyone will see it is last year’s model leaving them with an “ugly dog” that they have to sell below cost.
That means inventory at the end of the season is a big headache for the dealers and they would really like to see their shelves empty.  If you buy a snow plow, you get a deal, they don’t have a headache, and everybody is happy.

Off Season Blog 6

Snow Plow Buyer’s Delight

If you decide you would like to buy a plow, you not only have several advantages, you are in the driver seat.
  • You can play two dealers off of one another to get the best price. If you are the only person shopping for a snow plow now, willing to take inventory off a dealer’s hands, you are the hottest customer they have. When the season begins in fall, you may be only one of dozens of people looking for a snow plow and dealers will not feel the need to make a deal of a lifetime.
    • Here’s an extra tip, no matter what the quote, look the dealer in the eye and ask “Is that the best you can do?”  Then keep quiet and see what they do.  You would be surprised what those words can do for you.  Now don’t be mean, we are just making sure they have a sharp pencil; remember we are looking for a win-win (and you may need their help down the road = BE NICE!)
  • You might even get a bargain from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers also want to clear their shelves of inventory. We found this snow plow manufacturer deal in the US and this Canadian deal from the same manufacturer where you install over the summer and the manufacturer helps to make the snow plow even cheaper.
  • You can make your purchase of summer equipment sweeter. If you lump together your summer equipment and winter equipment purchases from the same dealer at the same time. Your sales person will likely start to drool over the prospect of a big sale and grab onto your ankles if you try to walk away. So whether your snow plow dealer sells trucks, sells lawn equipment, or sells something else you buy, you have the advantage.
  • You can put money down and have the install done when the dealer is slower which could mean a lower price. Every snow plow dealer has a slow time. They would love to have an install when they are slow and looking for work instead of in the fall when they have to pay overtime to get all of the snow plows installed before snow comes.
  • Keep your eye on the social media accounts (like Facebook) of your favorite dealers.  Some will offer deals that will only be advertised to their email subscribers or their social media followers, so you may want to follow them on social media or sign up for their emails.
  • You can tell dealers to sharpen their pencil on accessories and especially on service parts. Snow plowing is hard on equipment, so there are always some service parts you want to have on hand, but you know those accessories and service parts are sold at bloated prices, that is just how the world works. If you are willing to take some accessory and service part inventory off of their hands, some dealers may be willing to keep a smaller margin so they have that much less inventory to worry about.
  • Short on cash right now?  Some manufacturers have financing where you do not pay a penny for six months.  We saw rates anywhere from 3.99% to 9.99% apr.
The big thing to take away is that now is a buyer’s market for snow plows (and we should add deicing equipment too). If you know you want a new plow in the fall, you can save hundreds of dollars on the fall sale prices by buying when dealers and manufacturers want to get rid of their inventory. That is what smart business people do, they find the best bargains so that they can run their business for less than their competitors.

We wish you happy snow plow deal hunting. May you find the deal of a lifetime this spring!