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La Nińa Influences 2016/2017 Winter Snowfall Expectations

Meteorologist Rob Guariano reporting for a Snow Plow News weather update. In this episode, Rob forecasts the effects of La Nińa on winter 2016/2017.

El Nińo And La Nińa Influences

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Depending upon where you live, the effects of El Nińo and La Nińa can have significant impacts on your weather. With El Nińo dynamics effecting winter weather this year, some areas saw more than normal snowfall, while others saw less.

With an eye on Pacific surface water temperatures, Rob is expecting La Nińa to enter the weather picture for winter 2016/2017. Surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, specifically the equatorial east and central, were consistently higher than average through this past January. This indicates that El Nińo is still persisting, probably through spring. Rob’s forecasts, however, project that temperatures will begin to cool into fall. This would mean a turn from El Nińo to La Nińa.

What Does La Nina’s Influence Mean For New York, Chicago, & St. Louis Winter 2016/2017?
LA NINA 2016-2017


















La Nińa doesn’t have as much of an impact on the weather as El Nińo does. As discussed in a previous Snow Plow News Weather Update, La Nińa is like the better behaved ‘little sister’ to the ornery ‘big brother’ El Nińo. Of course, weather is a dynamic force making it difficult to determine how strong La Nińa effects will be.

Rob expects a weaker than normal Winter 2016/2017 for New York, Chicago and St. Louis, with snowfall estimates near normal to less than normal.

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Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher Gets Down To Pavement On It’s First Pass

LD plowIf you’re a snow and ice removal professional, you know it can be challenging on the bottom line when the snow isn’t falling. When winter isn’t cooperating and the snowstorms aren’t coming with as much frequency, it’s even more important to run an efficient operation.

Arctic_Sectional_LogoThat’s where the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher excels. With one-pass efficiency, the Arctic Snowplow gets down to the asphalt on one pass. Sectional moldboards allow each section to trip independently, meaning you miss the obstacle without losing the whole blade full of snow. Each section functions independently giving the operator a more efficient pass. Fewer passes eats less fuel….more profit in your pocket!

Douglas Dynamics vs Buyers Products Lawsuit Update


About a month after the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Court affirmed an earlier trial court ruling, Douglas Dynamics released a short statement regarding their patent infringement suit against Buyers Products. This delayed announcement is hopefully the last chapter in a drawn out story about patent infringement between two of the larger players in the snow and ice industry.

When Buyers Products jumped into making plows in 2007, they found inspiration for their products from some of the best features of a variety of manufacturers. Snow Dogg plows quickly grabbed market share and many wondered how much change Buyers was going to bring into the industry. They seemed to have hit the market right, borrowing insights from other great plows while keeping their plows priced below many of their direct competitors. Yet “inspiration” was seen as “infringement” by the folks at Douglas Dynamics.

Now, almost 9 years later, it appears the consequences for the “infringing inspiration” has come to full fruit.

Should you care? We thought that this earlier opinion piece about the patent lawsuit was at the very least thought provoking regarding the long term impact of the lawsuit. What about in the short term?

The earlier trial court ruling awarded Douglas Dynamics $9.75 million and the federal appeals court upheld the ruling. Will Buyers Products stumble over having to pay almost $10 million? Buyers Products is large enough and assumedly well insured enough to be able to absorb the penalty of the lawsuit in stride, so do not look to see much change out of Buyers in the short term over this decision.

The patents in question (Patent No. 5,353,530 and U.S. Patent No. 6,944,978) are also getting stale. One of the patents dates all the way back to a publication date of 1994, the other 2005. While the 2005 patent still has a few years left of protection, there have been many innovations in the snow plow industry since then, including changes by Buyers Products to their own snow plow assemblies. So while some might still be looking to outright copy those designs in a few years, most manufacturers have made updates to how their plows mount to vehicles over the last decade to remain competitive making those patents mostly irrelevant to them.

So it is not likely you will see a lot of change in the short term from the decision by the Appeals Court. We reckon Douglas Dynamics is glad to just have this lawsuit over and done with, and if Buyers Products did not win this round, they will look for other ways to win the long term game of dominance in the snow and ice removal industry.

Weather Buzzwords: El Nińo VS La Nińa

Meteorologist Rob Guariano reporting for a SnowPlowNews weather update. In this episode, Rob explains the difference in El Nińo and La Nińa.

El Nińo And La Nińa Stir Up Global Weather


Weather 101 El Nino vs La NinaYou’ve heard the phrases tossed around all over weather forecasts for years now: El Nińo and La Nińa. Both are complex weather patterns resulting from fluctuations in ocean water temperatures. Those ocean temperatures react with the atmospheric temperatures to create some havoc. Generally speaking, these periods last for 9 – 12 months and recur every 2 to 7 years.

So, what’s the difference? Imagine them as brother and sister. El Nińo means ‘The Little Boy’ in Spanish, so think of El Nińo as big brother. La Nińa means ‘The Little Girl’ in Spanish, so consider La Nińa as the little sister. El Nińo is compared to a boy because, well, little boys can be ornery. Little girls aren’t usually as ornery, but they can still be a handful. You know the old rhyme ― “girls are made of sugar and spice” and “boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails”.

El Nińo Is Known As The Warm Phase
Weather 101 El Nino














Big brother, El Nińo, is known as the “warm phase” of the oscillating pattern and typically brings along more extreme weather. Warming Pacific Ocean surface waters cause the tension in the atmosphere that results in warmer than average temperatures over much of North America during winter months. Southern states can expect to be a bit cooler and wetter than normal. The warmer Eastern Pacific waters change global weather dynamics and fosters the odd weather. The effects are strongest during northern hemisphere winters because ocean temperatures globally are at their warmest.

La Nińa Is Known As The Cool Phase

Weather 101 La Nina















Little sister, La Nińa, is known as the “cool phase” and ushers in cooler than normal temperatures. La Nińa will still result in winter storms, but usually not as severe as big brother. During a La Nińa winter, temperatures tend to be warmer in the Southeast and cooler in the Northwest. Southern states will tend to see less precipitation.

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