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Western’s New Products For Truck & Non-Truck Snow & Ice Applications

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks to Doug Clark about Western’s focus on new technologies and innovations for their new product lines. They also discuss the new non-truck snow plows.


Western Products‘ intention to focus on innovation in the years ahead will undoubtedly Western_snow_plows_logolead to some exciting new commercial products for snow & ice removal. While they’ll be primarily developing new truck snowplow applications for their core commercial market, they’ve brought along some non-truck plows to this particular show.

New Snow Removal Product Lines Available For Skid-Steers

plows_for_skid-steersWestern has introduced the Prodigy & Pro Plus Lines for the skid-steer. Both new plows are available with a universal mounting plate for quick hook-ups. Auxiliary hydraulics from the skid-steer are used to run the blades. Both are also built with a heavy-duty A-frame design featuring a reinforced steel box.

Prodigy Snow Plow For Skid-Steers

A new mechanical wing design is a key feature on the new Prodigy plow. It’s designed to automatically position the wings for optimum plowing efficiency. It allows the user to operate the blade in multiple positions or as a straight blade. The flexibility of the design is what increases it’s productivity.

The Prodigy sports a 29 ½ inch, 12-gauge steel moldboard with trip blade protection and a rugged, heavy duty supporting cast to keep it functioning at peak performance for years.

Pro Plus Snow Plow For Skid-Steers

The Pro Plus line was developed for heavy-duty commercial or light municipal operations. It is built in 8ft, 8.5ft and 9ft widths as a rugged straight blade to handle the brutal skid-steer workload. It features a powder coated steel blade that is 31 ½ inches tall with a ½ inch thick, 6 inch carbon steel cutting edge. The blade has a trip feature with heavy-duty coil springs and shock absorbers to protect it from unseen obstacles.

Western’s PILE DRIVER Containment Plow For Wheel Loaders

wheel loader pile driver contain plowAs you might expect for big equipment, the PILE DRIVER is engineered to handle extreme conditions and then ask for seconds. Everything about this plow is beefier and more structurally sound to accommodate it’s use on big machines. The quick attachment system provides support and structural integrity in all the right places.

The Western MVP 3 Flared V-Plow For Busting Big Snow Drifts

mvp3_studioThis V-Plow comes in 7ft 6in, 8ft 6in, and 9ft 6in sizes. The wings improve the carrying capacity and snow rolling performance while it’s trip edge design protects the plow and operator from immovable objects. The MVP 3 V-Plow is stronger, more durable, and better looking than it’s predecessors. It’s also available in 14-gauge stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. The new Nighthawk Halogen Headlamps blast through the nastiest winter snowstorms.

We’re anxious to see the upcoming new product launches from Western. Stay tuned for more innovations and technology coming out of the Western R&D department. To find a Western equipment dealer nearest you, click the link. Or, follow up by taking a look at the Western snow & ice product line.



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Arctic Equipment Offers A Full Line Of Galvanized Snow & Ice Removal Equipment From Canada

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens and Al Hoskin discuss Arctic Equipment’s plans to move into the U.S snow and ice market, Arctic is a Canadian manufacturer of a full line of winter, snow and ice removal equipment.

Arctic Equip CAN logoArctic Equipment has been in business since 1969. In that time, they’ve earned a reputation for combining brains with brawn to manufacture some of the most rugged, thoughtful and technologically advanced snow fighting equipment on the market. You’ll know the Arctic plow by it’s bright orange color.



Arctic Equipment’s Product Line Includes Corrosion Resistant Galvanized Steel

While Arctic does build a poly line, we’ll focus here on their rugged galvanized steel equipment. Galvanized steel offers improved corrosion resistance and durability and has been a mainstay with Arctic. The already sturdy steel is hot-dipped with a zinc coating to enhance it’s durability and provide years of profitable operation.

Canada’s Arctic Equipment manufactures light and medium duty snow plows for pickup trucks. They have focused these efforts primarily on the landscaper market.

They also produce the Arctic HD-S heavy-duty snowplow as well as a V-Plow and Wingblade for the heavy-duty truck market.spreader_galv

Arctic Equipment has more than plows. Their V-Box salt & sand spreaders come in 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft models. If you don’t need something quite that big, they have a line of galvanized steel tailgate spreaders too.

Arctic Plow Partner S Light & Medium Duty Snow Plow

plow partner lightThese units are built out of 12-gauge reinforced steel. They have a shorter, 20 inch moldboard and come in three sizes.

  • 12-gauge hot rolled galvanized steel
  • Adjustable height with 2inx2in trailer hitch mount
  • Self-contained hydraulics & controls
    Reinforcing arms
  • Full trip
Arctic HD-S Heavy-Duty Snow Plow

steel_galvanizedBuilt from heavier, 10-gauge steel, the heavy-duty line is intended for the ¾ ton, 1-ton and larger truck market. They have a more substantial, 27 inch moldboard and come in four models varying primarily in length and weight. They are designed to reduce wear in critical points and to increase fuel efficiency.

  • Fully reversible, high carbon steel cutting edge
  • Reinforcing ribs
  • Hot rolled, galvanized 10-gauge steel
  • 4 heavy-duty tension springs


Arctic Equipment is serious about quality. Their 7-year snow plow warranty is an industry leader. It includes a 3-year bumper to bumper on material and manufacturing defects and 4 additional years on structural integrity.

Check out the following links for more information on Arctic Equipment’s line of galvanized snow plows and salt spreaders.



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BOSS Snow Plows Introduces It’s SL3 LED Lighting Systems

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mark Klossner (BOSS Snow Plows) talks about the all new SL3 LED Headlight Systems.

Snow Plow operators work in some of the nastiest winter weather, often times during the wee hours of the morning. During a blinding snowstorm, operators have a lot of stress and strain on their eyes. Eye fatigue can become a major issue to deal with especially after several hours of work. These guys and gals are moving a lot of snow so that travelers have safe passage and when eye fatigue sets in, safety can be a real concern.

Halogen vs. L.E.D. Headlights

bosslogoHalogen has been the standard bulb technology for years. It casts a yellowish light that doesn’t illuminate the field of vision all that well. L.E.D. provides a whiter, brighter light that’s comparable to daylight. The new SL3 L.E.D. lights from BOSS offer 2X more light than the comparable halogens. The L.E.D. headlights are also 40% smaller than its halogen predecessor. L.E.D. is expected to last 8,000 – 10,000 hours compared to around 1,000 hours for the halogen.

Benefits Of Upgrading To The BOSS SL3 L.E.D. Headlights

SM3 LED lightsBesides the obvious advantages listed above in the comparison, the L.E.D. systems cause less glare, resulting in less eye fatigue for the snowplow operator. The SL3 L.E.D headlights also last longer, and provide a more durable, higher performing, reliable lighting solution for snow plow operators.

Ice Shield Technology is the BOSS solution to ice build-up and these new lights come with that feature as well.

Features Of The Boss SL3 L.E.D. Headlight System

The BOSS SL3 L.E.D. Headlights are an optional feature for their snow plow line. If you currently have the Smart Light 2 (SL2) System from BOSS, then an upgrade will be relatively easy to retro-fit.

  • L.E.D. bulbs provide 2X light output with less glare
  • Smaller footprint
  • BOSS Ice Shield Technology to help prevent ice build-up
  • Improved visibility
  • Retrofits easily to most BOSS SmartLight2 systems
  • Integrated L.E.D. turn signal

To find a BOSS dealer or to get more information on the full line of BOSS accessories, visit BOSS online.



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Improve Your De-Icing Efforts With The Brine Xtreme Pro Product Line From Henderson Products

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Clay Hidreth of Henderson Products talks about the Brine Xtreme Pro Product Line for de-icing operations. Henderson has a complete line of snow and ice removal equipment including snow plows, sand & salt spreaders, anti-icing systems, de-icing equipment and more.



Brine Xtreme Pro Is An Automated Brine Making Operation

brinextreme_pro_03The Brine Xtreme Pro from Henderson Products is a professional grade salt brine workhorse. It’s brine production capacity clocks in at 6,000 gallons per hour. It’s fully automated, so it’s as easy as adding salt and pushing a button. Each hopper full of salt makes approximately 5,000 gallons of brine. That’s a serious amount of pre-melt  solution and it’s a continuous supply if you fill it every hour.

Brine Xtreme Pro Features
  • Fully automatic
  • Up to 6,000 gallons of brine per hour – Continuous production capability
  • 4.67 cu yard salt hopper
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Data logging – tracks brine making activity
  • Remote access
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
Fully Automatic Brine Xtreme Pro Truck Fill

brinextreme_truck_fill_pro_02Henderson’s Brine Xtreme Pro Truck Fill is a companion product. If you have access to brine solution, the Truck Fill pulls product from the storage tank to the truck. It allows the user to blend up to three products at a time. The system logs all the vital data, recording who, what, when and where information on the de-icing or pre-melt mixture. The logging feature also allows for user profiles. Each end user is able to customize their preferred mixture.

Brine Xtreme Pro Truck Fill Features
  • Fully automatic
  • Modular design
  • Plug-n-play installation
  • Blend up to 3 products
  • Multiple users – up to 100 unique accounts
  • Data logging
  • Remote access

Both of these products have been designed as plug-n-play. Hook up a couple camlock fittings for the supply side and the discharge side of the machine, plug it into a 220 volt outlet and your operational in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like more information on brine production equipment from Henderson Products, follow this link to contact them or visit the Brine Xtreme Pro online.


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Meteorologist Rob Guarino Reports On Coming Nor’ Easter & Lake Effect Snow

Meteorologist Rob Guarino reports from Syracuse for a SnowPlowNews update highlighting the week ahead on the East Coast and Great Lakes region.



Lake-Effect Snow Dumps 13 inches On Syracuse And Region

For the next couple weeks, the Great Lakes, Cleveland, Detroit, Michigan areas can expect more lake-effect snowfall as cold arctic air continues to breed these conditions. Thirteen inches of snow has already fallen in the Syracuse area and more is on it’s way. Some of these areas may face some challenging road conditions as road crews fight to keep up.

The East Coast Continues To Attract Attention As Arctic Oscillation Ramps Up

NOREASTERKeep an eye on the East Coast in the coming weeks ahead. We’ve already mentioned the expectation of a big snow fall coming for the area. Arctic oscillation has the potential to bring snowfalls next week for the northeast; DC, up to Portland, and down through Boston and Philadelphia. This isn’t the big snow we’re expecting, but it could be enough to make an impact.

The northeast could end up with a small nor’ easter storm early next week (January 18th or so) depending on how this develops. Then, expect the possibility of a larger nor’ easter storm pushing through on the 22nd. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s looking more likely. Since these storms are usually stronger between September and April, it makes sense to be prepared.

Any snow can make road conditions messy. This could be enough to make it challenging. Please watch out for road crews and contractors as they could be out in the midst of the storm trying to clear the way for travelers.

LD plowArctic_Sectional_LogoIf you’re a snow and ice contractor yourself or maybe you’re responsible for municipal snow removal, either way, take a look at the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher. This snow plow is made for serious snow removal operations. It’s sectional moldboards allow each section to adjust independently according to the surface. Get right down to the surface on one pass and save yourself some time and money.

Spotlight On The Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks with Randy Strait, inventor and designer of the unique and innovative Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher.

Arctic Equipment Mfg Company is based in Frankfort, Illinois and they have a 144,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Bradley, Illinois. Arctic is a manufacturer of innovative snow and ice removal equipment. That’s not all though. Arctic also has a commercial snow removal division. They have a fleet of 400 vehicles equipped with the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher. They’ve been in the snow and ice business for a long time and the introduction and use of the sectional plow has made their operation more profitable.



No More Re-Plowing Or Heavy Salting Missed PatchesArctic Sectional Sno-Pusher


According to Randy, he felt compelled to design the sectional plow because of his frustration with other snow plows. His experience was that other snow plows and pushers were slow, difficult to use and inefficient. When your one-piece blade is leaving too much snow behind, you’ve either got to go over it again with the plow or heavy salt it. Regardless, it’s more time and more expense. Salt is a necessity in wrangling with winter weather, but it cuts deep into the bottom line and needs to be used efficiently.

When the sectional snow pusher was outfitted on their equipment, they found it was paying for itself, sometimes within a year. The sectional plow comes in Compact, Light Duty, and Heavy Duty configurations.

Arctic Sectional Snow Plow Features

The Arctic sectional plow is likely one of the most proprietary plows on the market today and has the following feature:

1. Mechanical Side PanelsLD plow
2. Independent Moldboard Sections
3. Hardened Steel Shoes
4. Spring Loaded Trip Edges
5. Heavy Duty Cutting Edges
6. Patented Slip Hitch
7. Polyurethane Mounting Blocks

skidsteer plow

There’s a lot of engineering that goes into these plows. Every part is precision made and designed to be easily maintained and replaced if necessary. Many of these features are incorporated into the design in order to protect the equipment owners’ investment. The snow and ice industry can require some significant capital investment. The Arctic plow is designed with safeguards in place so when an unseen obstacle is hit, you won’t have to make a dentist appointment and you won’t have to worry about destroying your equipment.

Mechanical Side Panels

Arctic Mechanical Side PanelsThe mechanical side panels lift and rotate when it hits an obstacle. This protects the shoe from premature wear and tear. When the operator sets the plow on the ground, it lays flat every time regardless of the surface. Other plows may have difficulty sitting flat. The mechanical side panels work independently of the moldboard allowing the operator to scrape efficiently. This makes it effective at forward scraping or back-dragging. The operator can apply a tilt to the plow, with improved traction, and cut through the packed ice and snow in one pass.

Moldboard Features Independent Sections

Independent Sectional Moldboard features trip edgeEach section of the moldboard operates independently. When pockets of ice develop from ‘bird baths’ in the low places, the sectional plow is able to stay on the ground in those areas. It cuts right through instead of the one-piece design which teeters over the icy patches. The sectional pusher alleviates the need for heavy salting and/or re-plowing.

Sliphitch Provides Full Traction

SlipHitchThe slip hitch is engineered to provide drop and go technology. When you drop the plow, it’s in the proper position to plow immediately. The slip hitch eliminates drag and continuously adjusts to the pavement. You’ll never see the tires off the ground when the operator drops the box because the slip hitch moves up and down independently making adjustments to the surface.

Polyurethane Mounting Blocks

Mounting BlocksThe mounting blocks on the Arctic Sectional Snow Plow act as a fuse link. They are built using durable polyurethane so they bend and give. Instead of ruining your plow in the event of a major impact, the blocks bend and ultimately will break, like a fuse would, to preserve the plow. These blocks are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if it’s ever necessary. Again, another design aspect made to protect your investment and insure quick fixes. You won’t have to use a torch on the sectional plow.

Spring Loaded Trip Edges

Each section edge is designed to trip when an obstacle is encountered. The maximum height for trip is nine inches. Hit a two inch manhole cover and the cutting edge flips back. Hit a seven inch obstacle and the whole section lifts to avoid the object. The other sections remain on the surface, continuing to cut the snow and ice at ground level.

According to Randy, they sell out of the sectional plow every year. Contact Arctic if you’d like to place an order. Use the following link if you’d like more information on the sectional plow or locate a dealer closest to you.

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Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow For Large Snow Moving Jobs

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Greg Blanken talks about the beefy new Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow.

The Road Pro 32 is Class Heavy Weight

road pro 32 on jobAfter much testing and development, Meyer Products introduced the Road Pro 32 snowplow. The purpose for this line was to reach the larger contractor and municipal customers with a product that is beefier than anything in it’s class. They refer to this plow as the toughest guy in the neighborhood and it just might be.

Meyer built off the success of the lighter duty Lot Pro design and significantly increased it’s stature. Using the heaviest in class 10 gauge steel for the moldboard, it weighs in at a hefty 900 plus pounds. This plow is built for heavy usage and it’s rugged nature makes it well suited for the task of moving lots of snow.

This plow is not made for lightweights. It fits the 1-ton market up to F550 class trucks, or around 26,000 GVW.

road pro 32 on truckMeyer has given the Road Pro 32 a flared out or highway design for improved snow throwing and stacking capabilities. They refer to this design as ‘bow tie’ or ‘angel wings’, but nothing about this plow suggests anything other than heavy duty, manly, and rugged. It just doesn’t strike me as being heavenly or something you’d see at a cocktail party. No matter where you look at this thing, it’s begging to rumble. Where’s the snow?

Outstanding Features On The Meyer Road Pro 32
  • Road Pro 32 Snow PlowHeavy-duty construction – eight vertical ribs for strength and rigidity.
  • Built from 10 gauge steel.
  • Built for 9,300 – 26,000 GVW trucks.
  • Available in 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft lengths.
  • High performance hydraulics – uses Meyer’s E-72 hydraulic system for up/down/left/right motion or for use with the truck’s central hydraulics.
  • Ground Tracking Technology – Allows the plow to pivot and follow the road.
  • Heavy-duty rams – 2inx10in rams absorb impacts. Full trip.
  • Adjustable snow shoes – allows for adjustable cutting edge so gravel isn’t a concern.
  • Industry best 5 year warranty is bumper to bumper and includes commercial applications.
The Road Pro 32 Has Serious Hydraulics

A-RoadPro-32_RamsThe Road Pro 32 is outfitted with 2inx10in heavy-duty hydraulic rams that absorb the shock of hitting unseen obstacles while plowing. It also provides for exceptional angling capabilities. This a far more robust design and again beefier than anything else in it’s class.

Ground Tracking Technology

Meyer has also added their Ground Tracking Technology to this plow. The pivot A-frame design oscillates up to 12 degrees. This allows the plow to compensate and adjust to the contours of the road and makes for more efficient one-pass plowing.

For more information on the Road Pro 32, contact a dealer nearest you or visit the Meyer website and compare for yourself.

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Western Products Stainless Steel Line Of Large Capacity Insert Salt Spreaders: The Striker

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark runs down the particulars of the new large capacity, stainless steel salt spreader line offered by Western.



According to Doug, the market for hopper spreaders is about 50/50. Half of end user purchases the poly spreader, and the other half purchase the stainless steel variety.

Poly is a more corrosive resistant material making it a popular choice amongst contractors. Western’s Tornado line of poly-hopper salt spreaders makes a fine choice for small to mid-size applications.

Western Jumps Into The Large Capacity Salt Spreader Market


When Western decided to explore the large capacity spreader market, they knew the larger hopper sizes would require the use of stainless steel. Poly might be a great material, but it doesn’t have the structural integrity of steel. Western decided to build a steel line to complement the poly line. The Striker is what came from these efforts. The Striker line of steel hopper spreaders come in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft models. They’re built out of 16 gauge stainless steel. The capacities range from 1.5cu yards of de-icing material to the 6 cu yard, 10ft units. They’ve given the 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft models an electric motor.

Steel is a necessity for the larger capacities, but it makes for a higher starting price point. Western was still able to engineer in some key innovations that make the product stand out while keeping their price competitive.

The chute is the main area where these innovations are obvious. Since the chute design is what determines how efficient the spreader will be, they spent numerous hours in Research & Development coming up with these improvements.

Chute Innovations Designed Into Western’s Steel Spreaders

Striker on truckWhen Western had the Striker in R&D, they learned some important things about spread patterns. As de-icing material comes off the hopper into the chute, it’s important to control where it lands on the spinner. There’s only a couple places for the material to land to insure optimal performance. Western designed in some features to make that happen. Operators don’t want to see material being thrown into the back of the truck. That’s inefficiency and it costs money. Wasting salt and sand isn’t something most contractors can afford.

The new chute design implements a pair of baffles that convey all material onto the appropriate quadrants on the spinner. They’ve also added a circular deflector to the bottom of the chute. This holds material on the spinner so it only releases at the proper place and time.

Other Key Improvements & Innovations
  • Electrical units received an upgraded, sealed gear box, increasing efficiency
  • The spinner motor has been sealed in a weather resistant housing to protect it from the harmful effects of salt and elements
  • The remaining electronics have been securely tucked away inside a steel housing called the mailbox

The Western stainless steel hopper spreaders are built to handle large amounts of material, meaning fewer trips to reload. The Striker line is feature rich and a nice complement to their popular poly line. It looks like old man winter has a new adversary.

To find a Western Products dealer or to get more information on the full line of winter, snow and ice removal equipment, visit their website.



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The New SnowEx Automatixx Snow Plow Attachment System

SnowEx introduces the first completely automatic snow plow attachment system. Michael Frank, SnowEx Product Marketing Manager, walks us through the new system.

The company, SnowEx, was started by snow and ice contractors. Their product lines implement innovations that make that obvious. Their focus on durable, easy-to-maintain equipment is what helps keep operators on the road working. Fewer moving parts means fewer breakdowns.



Automatixx SnowPlow Attachment System


Automatixx (1)


The all new, fully automatic attachment system by SnowEx makes hooking up a breeze. It’s one of the easiest systems in the industry to use. The Automatixx system is available on SnowEx model snow plows: Power Plow, Speedwing, Heavy-Duty, Regular-Duty and Light-Duty.

The Automatixx system provides operators with quick and easy snow plow hookups. Every snow and ice removal professional knows that the more time spent plowing, the more work gets done, and the more profitable your business. This product makes your plowing operation more efficient.

Snow Plow Hookups Made Easy

With the SnowEx Automatixx system in place, there’s no pushing, pulling, or wrestling with heavy equipment. Simply pull your truck into the receivers, connect your plug for electric and lights, engage the hydraulic lift to engage the truck, and lock in the pin. It’s that easy.

The drive-in target has flared receivers that provides a wide drive-in target. There are only two switches that operate the lift cylinder that automatically engages the truck. The snowplow attaches and pulls the stand up all in one automatic motion. The lock-in pin is locked in place with one lever. All this takes place from the driver’s side of the truck.

Two Year Warranty On All SnowEx Products

SnowEx backs up all their products with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. They carry a wide range of material spreaders, sprayers, plows and other snow and ice removal tools. Take a look at the full line of SnowEx snow plows and salt and sand spreaders at their website or find a dealer located close to you.

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Western Products Introduces A New, Enhanced V-Box Spreader Controller

In this episode, Doug Clark talks about the all new Western spreader controllers available on their new line of salt spreaders.



Run Accessories & Spreader Controls With One Controller

variable speed controller


Western’s new controllers allow users to operate all of their accessories, along with material flow, from one controller. If the unit is hooked up to the accessory board, it will control worklights and other accessories without having additional switches in the cab. This is a handy, convenient, easy-to-use controller that appears to be built using sturdy construction.

The Western controller has received some upgrades. It’s dual variable speed allows the operator to change the settings for delivery and spread patterns to more closely match the situation. The variable speed control is only available on dual electric motor models. Depending on the controller, you’ll either have three or four accessory buttons and a dedicated blast button.

The units also contain an auxiliary unit and a vibrator function.

Adjust Material Spread Rate When The Unit Is On or Off

One nice feature is the ability to change settings when it’s on or off. With the controller turned on, the operator can change material flow up or down to match conditions. With the unit turned off, the material setting can be changed going from one job site to the next. For example, if your current job requires a high spread rate, but the job coming up is tight, you’ll be able to turn down the flow while your traveling so it doesn’t start up throwing material everywhere. It makes for a more efficient method of material handling and avoids unnecessary waste. It also makes for no mess spreading and looks more professional.

Easily Set Display Light Levels

Another handy dandy feature of this controller is the light settings. Winter weather doesn’t have a strict adherence to schedules. It might require day jobs one week and night jobs next week. The light levels on the Western controllers are easily customizable. At night, dim your controller light setting when bright isn’t as necessary. During the day, when it’s likely brighter conditions, set them up for better visibility.

Easy To Use Self Diagnostics

With Western’s new controller, operators won’t have to guess how much material is left in the hopper. The self-diagnostic feature will alert the operator when the hopper is empty or if it determines adjustments are needed.

Operators will also appreciate the small, compact size of the controller relative to other manufacturer’s controls.


Check out the new Western salt and sand spreaders that use this new controller and compare for yourself.




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