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Fisher Engineering Developing More Non-Truck Snow & Ice Applications

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens visits with Andy McArdle of Fisher Engineering. They discuss the new strategies and line extensions that will allow Fisher to offer dealers more product line flexibility.

Andy talks about Fisher’s desire to reach their current dealer base with new options for heavy non-truck equipment.

Fisher Emphasizing Non-Truck: Skid-Steer, Loader, and Backhoe Snow Plows

While Fisher has provided high quality truck snow plows for some time, they are now skidsteer_XBlademoving into new areas. Fisher now carries a whole line of pusher plows from 8-16ft in length. These plows move a lot of snow and they are available for skid-steers, backhoes, and loaders. Now, the HDX and HD2 snow plows, along with the earlier Xblade and HD Series are available with a universal mounting system for non-truck applications.

Skid-steers and other non-truck applications often require more out of the plows. The additional torque provided by these machines really provides a workout for a snow plow. Fisher has improved the boxes on these plows by adding reinforcement and heavier critical components.

The non-truck snowplow market is heating up and more manufacturers are coming to the party. That means more high quality choices, better technology, and new innovations coming to a dealer near you.

Fisher’s XV2 V-Plow Is An Extension Of the XtremeV

There’s no need to draw up something completely new when the foundation is firm. As an evolution of the Xtreme V, the XV2 has the improvements to make a serious statement. The XV2 V-Plow features:

  • Increased Wing FlareVplow structure
  • Powerful Blade Hinge & Heavy Duty Center Pin
  • Improved, Super-Fast Hydraulics
  • Proven Trip-Edge Design For Safe Operation
  • Improved Lift Rams
  • InstaLock Double-Acting Angle Cylinders Come Standard
  • Available in Stainless Steel Or PC

Check out the full line of Fisher snow & ice removal equipment at their online showroom. Find a Fisher dealer closest to you.

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U.S. Army Veteran Turns His Wheelchair Into A Snow Plow

Looking for a little inspiration today after a long weekend of snow? Take a look at the following video by WOWT 6 News.

Justin Anderson graduated from Bellevue West High School, Bellevue, Nebraska in 2002. Bellevue is about 8 miles south of Omaha and is considered part of the Omaha metro area. In 2003, Justin suffered a combat injury serving in Iraq with the U.S. Army. The injury cost Justin his leg.

Justin has an attitude of service that has extended from the Iraq war into his hometown community. It’s obvious Justin appreciates the support he’s received from his community upon his return from combat. Now, he’s made it a priority to help wherever he can.

Community Service On A Customized Snow Plow Wheelchair

One way Justin has been able to serve his community is through his ‘tinkering’. Justin received an off-road wheelchair from The Independence Fund after he got back from Iraq. Justin took his mechanical know-how and turned his chair into a hybrid tank/skid-steer that makes snow removal more manageable. Now, he’s able to blade the sidewalks in the neighborhood so that students, walking to Two Springs Elementary, have a safer route. Something that would take many people several hours with snow shovels, takes him a couple hours to complete.

Justin Anderson snow plow chairThe chair, as mentioned, is off-road, complete with tracks instead of wheels. The blade has an on-the-fly tilt that allows him to adjust the height as he’s pushing snow. This thing is over-the-top cool and a serious contender for the Custom Snow Plow Hall of Fame, if there is indeed something like that.

Facing Down Challenges

Justin has faced some serious challenges since his return from Iraq. The gun shot wound and shrapnel that required the removal of his left leg above the knee, has only been part of it. In 2013, Justin was diagnosed with Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Now, he’s in a battle for his life.

Despite these challenges, he’s dedicated to helping other vets face down their challenges too.

“I really do hope that it (this story) reaches some other veterans and makes them realize that there is a way when they think there may not be…a way to get things done”.

Justin didn’t expect all of the attention, he was doing what came natural to him…community service.

“I certainly did not expect all of the national attention. However, I am grateful to be able to have it known that I’m giving back to my community that has supported me so well through my tough times and also find it very gratifying trying to inspire other veterans to never let anything hold them back”!

Well said, Justin!

It’s nice to see people like Justin out there bringing a little bit of sunshine and a glimmer of hope to an otherwise cold and dreary winter.

If you’d like to team up with Justin in his efforts to cover his health care expenses, please visit his gofundme page and contribute and/or pass this story along.


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Sno-Way Intl. New Products 2015-2016

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Jeff Hess of Sno-Way Intl. about this season’s product line updates for Sno-Way.

New Sno-Way Plows

This year Sno-Way has extended their line of Revolution series plows to fit on ½ ton trucks. The Revolution plow series is the innovative line of plows from Sno-Way that allows you to switch from a straight blade to a box plow plus any number of different configurations by managing the hydraulically operated wings with the touch of a button on the hand-held control.

These plows come with their patented down pressure technology that keeps 250 pounds of force on the blade edge to get a cleaner surface than any other plow and at faster speeds too. (We know, we have tried Sno-Way’s Down Pressure, it actually makes for cleaner and quicker plowing.)

Sno-Way has also redesigned its largest contractor plow which can be installed on anything from class 5 trucks down to most ¾ ton trucks. These blades are designed with the ability to use their E-Z switch wings that literally took us only seconds to swap out when we tried changing the wings.

New Sno-Way Controller

The new controller they came out with this year replaces their controller design which was released in 2009. We love how the controller operates both your plow and your receiver spreader at the same time.

New Sno-Way Specialty Products

Of course, Sno-Way is really pleased with what it has available for the UTV and skid steer markets. The Skid Steer plows take full size plows using standard attachment plates making for easy on and easy off.

The UTV plows have been a strong product for Sno-Way as those little plows make it easier for maintenance professionals and contractors to clear off sidewalks and narrow drives. It is surprising how quickly a little UTV can clear a large area using a plow.

You can also check out our video on Sno-Way’s new Poly V-Box spreaders as well.

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Blizzard Snow Plows: Truck & Non-Truck Snow Removal

In this episode of SnowPlowNews we hear from snow & ice industry leader, Blizzard, about their truck and non-truck product lines.

Blizzard manufactures a well rounded line of snow & ice removal equipment for trucks, skid-steers, backhoes, loaders, and UTVs. They introduced the industries first hydraulically adjustable, expandable wing snow plow. Blizzard has distinguished itself as industry leaders in snow & ice and continues to expand it’s operations through product development and innovation.

blizzard logoOne of the primary concerns for contractors is their efficient use of equipment. A skid-steer sitting unused is a wasted opportunity. A UTV could be spreading salt or pushing snow instead of just sitting idle. This is the focus of Blizzard technicians when they begin the process of research and development. Contractors want their investments to pay off in a healthier bottom line. That’s achieved by using equipment that has been engineered to withstand the harsh conditions. More time moving snow and less time on repairs equals more productivity and profitability.

Blizzard Built The Original Adjustable Wing Snow Plow

The Blizzard Power Plow snowplow is the original adjustable wing plow. It’s independently Power Plow on truckcontrolled wings adjust to provide the perfect position every time.

Angle the plow for wind-rowing and the wings adjust to reduce spill-off. Use it for pushing and piling snow and the wings angle inward for more efficient maneuvering around corners. It’s efficiency outpaces V-Plows that have a hard time with cornering performance. Hydraulic wing extensions allow the user to expand the moldboard to increase carrying capacity.

The Power Plow is built using heavy-duty A-frame construction. It’s built to endure the harsh operating conditions and provide stability for years of plowing. The full-trip mechanism protects the plow and your vehicle when hidden objects get in the way.

The Blizzard Speedwing Snow Plow

speedwingThe Speedwing is a simple-to-use plow featuring automatic wings that find the correct angle regardless of blade position. Use it for wind-rowing or straight ahead plowing and improve your flexibility and productivity.

Both of these plows are available for truck and non-truck applications in a variety of sizes. Check out the full line of snow and ice equipment online. Locate a Blizzard dealer nearest to you.

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Arctic Snow Plow Review

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Al Hoskin of Arctic Snow Plows.

Arctic Equipment manufactures snow plows for the light to medium duty truck market. Their primary aim is to service landscaping and snow plow contractors with their galvanized snow plows.

Arctic Equipment knows snow as they have been building plows in snowy Ontario since 1969. Even though they reside in Canada, Arctic serves much of the US market as well.

Not everyone raves about the simple look of the humble Arctic plow, but they designed the plow for performance, not a beauty contest. The galvanized and the galvanized/orange poly plows are simple straight forward plows without all the bells and whistles of some of the other plows.

The galvanization not only creates a protective layer of zinc around the metal so it won’t rust, if your metal ever gets a minor scratch, the zinc still protects the steel by a break down in the zinc instead of the steel. (Learn more about galvanized metal at Wikipedia.)

The team at Arctic is so confident in the durability of their plows that they offer a 3 year bumper-to-bumper and 7 year pro rated warranty on some of their plows, longer than many of the other manufacturers, and they certainly are not the most expensive plows on the market either.

These plows are designed for the light and medium duty trucks contractors like (Arctic targets ¾ ton trucks and larger) and come in full trip or trip edge designs.

If you need more, Arctic has a hitch plow as well as v-box and receiver (tailgate) spreaders, all galvanized of course. If you are looking for a straight forward plow, one that goes up, down, side-to-side, and moves snow, the Arctic Snow Plow might be for you.

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Western’s Prodigy Snow Plow Is An Example Of Their Commitment To Quality

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark talks about the Western Prodigy Snow Plow and their reputation for high quality plows and innovation.

Western has a reputation for building high quality snow plows and a variety of snow & ice removal equipment. Doug addresses Western’s commitment to maintaining this reputation and pursuing a high degree of quality throughout their product lines. This excellence is due to a constant refinement of current product lines and new product innovation.

Commitment To Innovative Products For Snow & Ice Control

Western Products listens to their customers concerns and prides itself on quality control. Western_snow_plows_logoAccording to Doug, they are currently addressing some issues five or six customers have had with a product, nationwide. These refinements make current product lines better suited for the job and new products more efficient. A key concern for Western’s product development team is to design snow & ice products that provide more profitability for the end user. That increased profitability comes from more efficiency and innovative solutions to issues faced on the job.

Western continues to invest in R&D for improved snow and ice control products built for on-truck and off-truck applications.

The Western Prodigy Is A Refinement Of The Popular Hinged Wing Plow

prodigy snowplowProdigy is a refinement of the popular hinged wing Wide-Out by Western. The Prodigy makes use of mechanical as opposed to hydraulic linkage. It’s designed for improved plowing efficiency whether you’re wind-rowing or scooping. The multi-position wing system adjusts automatically for optimum plowing. This design does remove some control compared to the Wide-Out snowplow, but the flexibility and simplicity of operation makes this an excellent option. It’s operated by simple up/down, left/right controls.

The Prodigy employs trip blade protection with four heavy duty coil springs. The wing protection comes from coil compression springs and cable assembly. These work in concert to protect the blade and wings from harm caused by striking an unseen object.

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Check out Western Products’ full line of snow and ice removal products at their website or find a dealer nearest you.

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Why Western? Better Quality Snow & Ice Removal Equipment Means Less Downtime – More Profit!

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens visits with Steve Woldanski about his business, Grounds Care Solutions.

Steve Woldanski has been in the snow and ice removal business for over 27 years. He admits when he was first starting out, it was too tempting to buy the cheapest equipment available. He quickly learned that the cheaper snow & ice removal equipment doesn’t hold up as well and breakdowns can be costly.

Western_snow_plows_logoHis choice of equipment is Western. When outfitting his Milwaukee based grounds care business, Steve knows a few extra dollars spent on a quality product makes sense. He likes the fact that Western products are built right in his hometown. Easy access to parts and quick answers to product questions helps Steve keep his equipment running smoothly.

Good Quality Tools & Parts Availability

One of the most important things any contractor needs is good quality tools and access to mvp3_parkinglotgood quality parts when there’s a breakdown. Cheap equipment might seem like a good decision, but when parts aren’t available, it can be a nightmare. A lot of effort goes into establishing your business; getting clients, keeping your equipment running and maintained. If your inexpensive plow or spreader is constantly breaking down, or you spend valuable time trying to find parts, you’re losing money.

Commitment To Quality Maintains Good Client Relations

You’ve spent the time and effort getting a client base. You’re committed to providing quality service, but you hit an unidentified hidden object (UHO). Now, you’re spending time trying to find replacement parts for your plow while your clients are waiting for work to get done…not a pretty picture. Lower quality, inexpensive equipment might save you a few bucks today, but tomorrow you’ll be paying for it.

Customers appreciate your professionalism and trustworthiness. That pays off big time in word of mouth advertising.

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Kuper Wear Edge Review

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Gardi Willis of Kuper North America, the sole North American distributor of Kuper blade products.

Kuper has been in business for almost 60 years, yet made its big splash in North America only six years ago, and big splash it was as Kuper products are now found in 30 states and six Canadian provinces. How can this European company make such a fast inroad into the North American market?

Carbon Steel and Vulcanized Rubber Team Up

Kuper had engineered wear edges that they boast last three times as long as the normal carbide wear edges. That means even the average contractor with a few trucks can save hundreds of dollars a year in maintenance costs by not having to replace their wear edges.

Their primary product is a hybrid of carbide steel and vulcanized rubber. The steel actually free floats in the durable rubber and the combination is designed to allow the plow to cut down to the plowing surface easily while at the same time extend the life of the wear edge. They designed the blade edges to be easy to mount and easy to use.

For Delicate Road Surfaces

They also have a product where the vulcanized rubber is on the outside with ceramic cylinders on the inside. These wear edges are made for areas where there are more obstacles below the surface of the snow or for areas where there are risks of damage to the road.

For instance, embedded, raised road markers get picked up and swept away when a normal hardened steel blade swoops down upon them, yet the vulcanized rubber blade rides over these markers, leaving them intact. The ceramic cylinders make this rubber blade last 8-10 times longer than a more conventional rubber blade.

A Word About Wear Edge Life

Actual wear edge life will vary depending on the plow you use, how the operator uses the plow, the kind of surface the plow is used on, and as Willis points out, the weather conditions (wet is best for long wear edge life).

We will keep our eye on how well Kuper wear edges perform in the field. We definitely know the longer you can keep your wear edge, the less time, hassle, and money you need to keep focused on what you do best, move a lot of snow.

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Sno-Way Revolution Plow Review

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Jeff Hess of Sno-Way International about their Revolution series plows.

Introduced a little over 6 years ago (as of this blog post), Sno-Way Intl. made a big splash when it introduced its Revolution series plows, the first plow with hydraulically activated wings. It is really the biggest innovation in plows since the V-Plow was introduced about a couple of decades ago.

The plow allows you to go from straight blade, to a windrow position (without the spill over on the wrong side, to a pusher plow at the touch of a button.

These plows also come with down pressure as a standard feature, putting increased pressure down on the blade edge for cleaner surfaces with both normal plowing and back dragging. The down pressure also moves more weight to your back wheels for greater control of the vehicle all adding up to plowing faster.

As Jeff said, “If the name of the game is moving more snow faster, nothing beats this plow.” Indeed, this Revolution plow can move over 6 cubic feet of snow in one pass when in a box position, way more snow moved than what you can with your average v-plow.

Sno-Way has upgraded their controllers as well, now releasing their “Pro Control 2.” Sno-Way has had wireless hand-held controllers for a while and Sno-Way has come a long way in perfecting these controllers as well as using new technology to their advantage. The new controllers are now more ergonomically friendly than ever before, but we also love how the new controller also can last up to three weeks on a single charge.

We also like how they have combined the easy to use plow controller with their receiver spreaders, so now you are not going back and forth between your plow and your spreader controller, you just have the one to work with.

We are glad to see what a great product the Revolution Series plow is for our industry. As manufacturers like Sno-Way continue to innovate and “revolutionize” our plows for efficiency, we will see continued growth in margins for the professional contractors.

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Big Nor’ Easter Snow Hits East Coast This Weekend (Jan 22 – 24, 2016)

Meteorologist Rob Guarino reports from Syracuse for a SnowPlowNews update. Syracuse is getting dumped on while in the midst of a heavy lake squall. Current models are indicating a big snow storm coming to the East coast region this weekend.



It’s pretty safe to say, “we called it”. The first real snow storm of the season is on its way to the East coast and should arrive early this weekend. The question is, “how big will this one be”?

Forecast Models Lining Up To Indicate A Big Snow On East Coast

Jan 19 snowstorm east coastIt’s official, this storm has a name; JONUS. Models are now consistently pointing towards a big snow storm and it appears to be arriving this weekend, starting somewhere around 3-6pm Friday, January 22 and continuing through till Sunday, January 24, between 12am-3am.

The European forecast model has been the most consistent over the last few days while the other models are starting to line up. All indications are pointing to this being the ‘real deal’. As the system moves in from the Southeast and the two jet streams come together, we’ll have a pretty nasty storm to deal with.

Expect Significant Snow Fall This Weekend Out East

jan19 FC grphicWe’re expecting serious snowfalls in the neighborhood of 12 inches or more from D.C. to Boston and possibly further north. That’s the good news. Some of the East coast areas could see as much as 20 inches. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available. We’re checking and comparing forecast models regularly to make sure you’re informed and ready for the upcoming Nor’ Easter.

As of now, we’re looking at:


90% Chance of 1-4 inches
70% Chance of 4-8 inches
55% Chance of 8-16 inches
33% Chance of 16+ inches

Make sure you keep an eye on this one. We’ll be reporting any new developments here on SnowPlowNews. Here’s another option for receiving the latest weather reports: Sign up for SPN’s online newsletter and get all of the updates delivered right to your inbox.

Arctic_Sectional_LogoIndependent Sectional Moldboard features trip edgeIf you’re a snow and ice contractor yourself or maybe you’re responsible for municipal snow removal, either way, take a look at the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher. This snow plow is made for serious snow removal operations. It’s sectional moldboards allow each section to adjust independently according to the surface. Get right down to the surface on one pass and save yourself some time and money. Be smart! This plow has plenty of brawn and it’s loaded with technology to make it a real winner.