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Plower Forecast – 11.24.15 – Longer Lake Effect & Later Winter


Rob predicts a longer lake effect snow period and a later ramp up to pure winter. El Nino still in effect.

In our third week, Rob Gaurino talks about the lake effect and  when winter will officially start.
        • Lake snow lasts longer
        • El Nino snow arrives in December
        • Mild periods remain





Mike Halloran compares Ariens’ 36″ & 28″ Power Brush

Mike Halloran from Halloran Power Equipment discusses the Ariens Power Brooms. The 28 inch brush and the 26 inch brush each have something different to offer.

A message from Ariens: The Ariens Power Brush Series provides the same quality wheel drive system as the Ariens Sno-Thro. So, it also delivers the same powerful performance and long-lasting reliability. Use it in any season for any reason.​


For more Information go to


Industry leaders give back

As we speak with snow professionals across North America, SIMA and Snow Business have always been inspired not only by their business acumen, but also the quality of their character. We believe that the true value of a snow & ice professional includes serving the communities in which he or she operates or volunteering for causes that are close to their heart. 

Every year, the magazine features a special section highlighting three snow & ice professionals who take community involvement and volunteering to the next level. SIMA and Snow Business are proud to share the 2015-16 Community Service Initiative participants – watch a video interview with each company below, and click each of the titles to read their full stories in the digital issue. 

Special thanks to BOSS Snowplow for their continued sponsorship of the Community Service Initiative!

B&B Group: A mission to serve

Precision Snow Removal: Giving back is a priority

W.L. French: 40 years and counting

Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader – Old School, Durable and Unique

A Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader is not what you would expect in a new product launch these days. Especially from a company that has never offered a tailgate spreader before.

Hiniker is going “Old School” in bringing out a Stainless Steel Spreader that fits at the truck tailgate but amping up the offering with unique functional components.

As a note for all the millennials – Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreaders used to be sold by the thousands.

In this short video, John Berlowski of Hiniker discusses why their first Receiver Hitch Spreader offers some characteristics that other companies have fallen short of. Hiniker has a long history of building durable products for both the truck and the agriculture industry.

Here are some Highlights to Note:

  • Hiniker is producing this Tailgater Spreader in Stainless Steel.  These are welded high-quality brushed-finish 304 stainless steel hoppers and stainless steel components
  • Hiniker is offering 2 units: 6 and 10 Cubic foot capacities.
  • A custom designed “No-Dribble” bubble auger stops the flow of de-icing material when the auger stops. No need to get out of the truck and shut off the flow of salt at the spreader.
  • Hiniker feels this offering represents superior design, construction, and components in a contractor-duty spreader.

For additional information, visit their product page at:

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Action Alert: Help SIMA continue best practices development

‘The Think Tank brought up many great ideas about standards that are needed in the industry. We’d like to build on the energy from the event, and launch one of those ideas sooner rather than later.’

Take action now on best practices development:

  • Fill out this form to become a stakeholder reviewer for Best Practices in Snow Procurement.
  • Email any thoughts on industry standards and best practices.
  • Sign up here to be one of the first to receive the final draft of the procurement guide.

By Brian Birch
On September 1-2, leading stakeholders in the snow and ice industry met in Washington, DC, for SIMA’s Think Tank strategy discussion. Snow and ice management professionals, property and facility managers, insurance representatives, and others worked together to discuss priority issues and proposed solutions for these issues. During this meeting, it became clear that SIMA and the snow and industry need to continue to lead the development of best practices and standards. 

SIMA is excited to have already launched the Best Practices Guidelines and the Snow & Ice Management Glossary of Terms, and the Think Tank brought up many great ideas about other standards that are needed in the industry. We’d like to build on the energy from the event, and launch one of those ideas sooner rather than later.

We are in the process of finalizing a rough draft visual timeline of procuring snow and ice services. This document is designed to provide a visual timeline of best practices for contractors and buyers of service, so that the procurement process works with the mobilization needs of the contractor to ensure buyers are getting the best providers submitting RFPs in a timely fashion.

To make this procurement guide as comprehensive as possible, we are looking for a body of stakeholders to review this document and give us any insight or feedback. We hope that as an industry professional, you will consider helping us keep the momentum flowing and agree to spend approximately 1 hour of your time reviewing the document and providing suggestions. 

From those reviews, we will create the first official Best Practices in Procuring Snow Services document, which we can build on over time.

Are you in? If so, please take a few minutes to review and fill out this online form and agree to the stakeholder requirements. You will then be contacted by SIMA with more information on the review process. 

Fisher HDX snowplow

The Fisher® HDX™ snowplow from Fisher Engineering offers an adjustable attack angle that can be set to 55 […]

Sno-Way UTV Plow – Just What the Plower Ordered

Full Hydraulic Plow Specifically Designed for UTV Market

utv_tripedgeThe Sno-Way UTV plow offering is supported by a company that is using their great knowledge of building plows for light trucks to produce a better plow.  Sno-Way has been building plows for Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Chevy and even Subaru since 1978. They have mastered the design and fabrication for plows that must meet tight weight and power restrictions and stringent Federal regulations.

Using steels that are strong yet light has been the Sno-Way design emphasis for over 30 years.  The issues that cause obstacles for light trucks are some of the same obstacles presented in building a strong plow for the UTV market.

utv_tripedge_groundclearanceProControlSno-Way offers a fully hydraulic 6 foot straight plow has been tested and proven to meet the unique challenges of the UTV. The plow mount system makes putting on your plow or taking it off a real snap, without sacrificing ground clearance. A user can also make life easier by eliminating all of the additional electrical wires by choosing an optional wireless Pro Control.


Sno-Way UTV plows are available from dealers listed on thisLINK


Sno-Way UTV Plow Features Include

  • Trip Edge Blade Design
  • Plow much easier on UTV frame, when obstacles are encountered
  • Enclosed Hydraulic System
  • Matches the amp draw of the UTV and delivers superior plow speed
  • Direct Hydraulic Lifting System
  • Maximizes lift speed and stacking height
  • Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance
  • Zinc Phosphate Rinse
  • E-Coat Primer
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Integrated swing frame on the blade and reinforced blade structure for long plow life.
  • Mounting system provides excellent ground clearance and easy on easy off.
  • When plow is removed only the mounting system remains under the UTV.


Application List





John Deere

Gator XUV 825 4×4 Gas


John Deere

Gator XUV 625i 4×4 Gas


John Deere

Gator XUV 855d 4×4 Diesel



Mule 4010 Diesel 4×4



Mule 4010 Gas 4×4



Mule 4010 Trans Diesel 4×4



Mule 4010 Trans Gas 4×4



RTV 1100



RTV 1140 CP8



RTV 900



Ranger XP 900



Ranger Diesel



Ranger 6×6 EFI



Ranger 6×6 800



Ranger Crew 800/800 EPS



Ranger Crew Diesel




SnowDozer B.A.T. – Mining Tire Turned Snowplow

The SnowDozer B.A.T. is a rubberized plow that is actually a green technology.

According to Chad Van Laecken, the plows are made from mining tires that come out of the strip mines that are ten feet tall and they cut them in half.

snowdozerThen Snow Technologies will fabricate a bracket that mounts to those tires which turns them into a snow plow.

These green technology, rubberized plows are designed to perform exceptionally in high-capacity snow moving work and do perform well in scraping situations.

The SnowDozer will not cause damage to parking lots, curbs, gutters, sidewalks or unforeseen obstacles.

The plows are very long-lasting due to the type of rubber that the mining tires are made from.

There are three sizes currently in production:

  • 7-8 footer for mid frame skid loader
  • 9-10 footer for large frame skid loader
  • 11-12 footer for pay loader

Custom quick attach mounting brackets are available on request

There is a backdrag system and you can see what you are backdragging because you have 100% visibility because it is a tire…

The company website is