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Sno-Way 26R Review – Amazing Functionality for 1/2 Ton Trucks

The Sno-Way 26R Offers Amazing Functionality for a ½ ton Truck. 

As seen in this video interview, a plower makes quick work of an apartment complex with cars in the way and he never has to get out of his truck to get in between vehicles.  He actually scrapes down to the pavement using the patented Down Pressure Hydraulics on the plow.

The dual hinge wings allow him to get very close to the vehicles and push all the snow forward without leaving a trail of snow for the vehicle owner to climb over.  This is plowing smarter!


Sno-Way, the company that offers the patented Down Pressure Hydraulics proves it knows what the plower wants with the super-functional 26R Series plow.  Built specifically to fit the ½ Ton trucks and SUV’s the Sno-Way 26R delivers a hydraulically-controlled dual hinge wing plow that moves more snow and cleans better than any straight or v-plow.

What Does the “R” Stand for?

The “R” in 26R indicates the plow is more than a straight blade.  It features two hydraulically activated end wings that Revolve around a center pivot.  These wings are controlled in tandem or independently by the plower using the ProControl.  This revolutionary patented design effectively turns this seemingly simple plow into a snow-moving force.

Move More Snow

As Jeff Hess, Regional Manager of Sno-Way states in this video, “All of these products are designed for maximum snow removal, maximum stacking height” which results in an operator’s ability to move more snow and put it where they want it.  Hess commented, “I like to look at them as three plow in one type plow,” as a straight blade, a windrow blade that captures the snow trail and a box plow that can move up to 3.8 cubic yards of snow in one pass and stack it at a 26 degree angle.


Cleans Better

The operator can move the driver side and the passenger side wing separately which is perfect for cleanup.  When windrowing, the plow operator all but eliminates the need to go back and forth to clean up the snow that trails off the plow.  With the 29R you bring the end wing in to keep the snow contained saving the plower a great amount of wasted time.

Placing both wings forward to a 90 degree position turns this plow into a box plow which allows the plower to capture snow and move it where he wants it.  The box plow configuration keeps the snow contained on both ends and increases the amount of snow that can be collected in one pass.

Sno-Way’s patented Down Pressure Hydraulics adds to the 26R functionality by placing over 200 pounds of down force on the cutting edge which allows the plower to scrape up packed down snow. The plowed area is cleaner and less salt will need to be used.


To summarize, Sno-Way designed a plow that fits a ½ ton truck with amazing functionality.   It is three plows in one, moves more snow, cleans better and, according to the interview of the plower (that looks a little like Santa Claus) it is easy to mount and easy to use.  Nice job Sno-Way!


Get more details on the Sno-Way 26R Series snow plow.


BLADE MODEL   26R-8′-0″

Blade Width       96″

30° Angle Plowing Width               83″

Blade Height      26″

Weight 590 lbs.

Cutting Edge      3/8″ x 6″

Vertical / Diagonal Ribs  5 / 0

Plow Lights w/EIS™ Technology Dual Halogen

Trip Springs: Extension  2

Shock Killer™ System     Standard

Down Pressure™ Hydraulic System          Standard

Wireless Pro-Control      Optional

Mount System  Drive In

Rexroth Bosch 550 Controller

550_integrated_controller_250_Jeff Strong reviews the Rexroth Bosch 550 CS 550/150 Spreader/Joystick Controller for the Municipal Snow Removal Market

The CS 550/150 has built-in WiFi and GPS capability that allows for GPS tracking, and wireless data transfer.

The CS 550/150 is capable of controlling 4 spreader functions (spinner, granular, prewet, and 3 boom anti-icing), along 14 channel (plow, wing, hoist, scraper, tarp, …) hydraulics function control simultaneously. 

Features Include:

  • Full CAN-bus system
  • Ability to simultaneously control spreader and joystick functions:
  • Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Anti-icing/Auto Gate/Reverse
  • Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Cross Conveyor
  • Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Chute
  • Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Air Gate
  • Display Screen
  • Glass/film/glass 5-wire touch screen, hardness of 7H
  • 7” Wide VGA 800×480 pixels, 262144 colors
  • Adjustable backlight, brightness of 400 cd/m²
  • 1.5 Watt amplifier with adjustable voice feedback
  • 3 detented knobs, metal housing, stainless shaft, rotation torque of 8 oz-in
  • USB encrypted security key for setup and data logging
  • Auto-null, Auto-Calibration, and Auto-Catch Test
  • Built in ground speed simulator
  • Supports infra-red temp sensors
  • All wiring harness have integrated molded diagnostic LEDs
  • All sensor leads are corrosion resistant

All valve outputs use AMP Junior Timer connectors

The CS 550/150 integrated system along with the accompanying RC controller both comply to the same rigorous Mechanical, Electronic and Environmental standards. Extensive compliance testing ensures that the CS 550/150 system’s electronic components will provide trouble free operation in the harshest of conditions.

The CS 550 controller incorporates 3 robust detented knobs for operators to select without having to take their eyes off the road. The display incorporates a 7“ scratch resistant touch enabled LCD screen that displays all the spreading and joystick function information for operators to view and access. The screen automatically switches between spreader and joystick mode depending on what function(s) are being activated. 

The system utilizes a single 3-axis joystick to control all functions. The voice feedback feature confirms to the operator what function has been activated as soon as the operator touches the joystick deadman safety switch, or makes an adjustment or change to the spreader settings.

Even with the extensive operating capabilities of the CS 550/150, set up could not get any easier with the intuitive screen layout. Once system functions are selected all the spreader calibration is done on a SINGLE SCREEN. As well, all the joystick function calibration can be set up on the same SINGLE SCREEN. System set up can also be accomplished in minutes with a laptop computer from a remote setting, which displays all operating parameters in logical groups, and in full text format. A USB memory stick allows for easy controller access in the field for system setup and logged data retrieval. 

Bobcat introduces new spreader

First spreader attachment specifically designed for use with select Bobcat utility vehicles, and is specially fitted for the cargo box.

SIMA announces first 100 Advanced Snow Managers

‘It’s a big deal when the industry begins to truly invest in high quality training to build its workforce. We salute the first 100 Advanced Snow Managers, and will look to them for leadership in snow operations for years to come.’

By Brian Birch
It’s been a busy few years for us here at the SIMA office. A great deal of that workload has come from perhaps the most intensive and focused project we have ever created at the association; the Advanced Snow Management program.

I am sure many of you in the industry have heard of it, and many are intrigued. But quite often, I think most of us tend to sit back when something new arrives, and see what happens. And I get that. But thankfully there are some folks out there who are hungry for new things, and who jump at the chance to embrace change and move in a new direction.

SIMA just crossed a threshold that I think is significant – we just awarded the Advanced Snow Manager designation to the 100th industry professional since we launched the full program in 2014.

I’m not going to talk about the ASM program in this blog. Instead I would like to simply thank the 100 individuals who took the initiative to dive into a deep training program and work through it, proving they have earned expertise in the operational elements of snow and ice management.

It’s a big deal when the industry begins to truly invest in high quality training to build its workforce. We salute the first 100 Advanced Snow Managers, and will look to them for leadership in snow operations for years to come.

Check out the names of these pros – if you know any of these folks, please send them a congratulations!

SIMA Team Training – Training the best of the best for industry growth

‘We wanted a member to be able to reach out to us, customize a training plan, set training goals, and have support from the SIMA team to see it through to the finish line.’

By Brian Birch
Just over a year ago, SIMA began piloting a program called Team Training. The goal was to help companies who are serious about training in snow to save time and money by leveraging all of SIMA’s online training resources and designations. We wanted a member to be able to reach out to us, customize a training plan, set training goals, and have support from the SIMA team to see it through to the finish line.

We quietly started promoting this, mainly through the SIMA website. We wanted to report back to you some helpful information, with the goal of encouraging you as a SIMA member to get engaged, get serious, and start training. The pre-requisites are pretty simple: if you want to train more than one person, Team Training is for you.

Getting started is easy:

  • Step 1 – Set up a quick call with SIMA to review the vision for training at your organization:
  • Step 2 – SIMA provides a training proposal, scaled to your needs.
  • Step 3 – SIMA helps you assign a Training Champion within your organization and sets a training deadline goal.

Here are the preliminary results of our pilot so far:

  • Number of teams engaged = 11
  • Number of people actively training = 47
  • Number of ASM certificates issued = 97
  • Number of Advanced Snow Managers created = 18

Pulling the trigger on training is the next step forward, and no company can succeed long term without a dedicated focus on quality training. You can’t do it all yourself, use SIMA to support your growing training needs.

Take action now on Team Training: