2015 SIMA Symposium

In this video watch Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News as he gets an opportunity to talk with Martin Tirado of SIMA during this year’s SIMA Symposium.

What is SIMA?

SIMA stands for Snow and Ice Management Association. Martin Tirado is currently director of this Milwaukee, Wisconsin, headquartered organization. SIMA is dedicated to be the central informational resource to the snow and ice removal industry in North America. Founded in 1996, it filled a void, bringing unity to an industry made up primarily of many small contractors that served in only their local areas without resources to help them grow.

SIMA has grown to help its members develop professionally and has taken steps toward advocacy for the average contractor. No other organization serves the snow and ice removal industry like SIMA does to help the industry move forward to greater professionalism and better service.

2015 SIMA Symposium

The Snow and Ice Symposium is by far the biggest event of the organization annually. The 2015 Symposium in Schaumburg, Illinois, had about 130 exhibitors and over 2,000 attendees.

The symposium, of course, had all the latest and greatest equipment to remove snow and ice fast and safely in ways that helps contractors keep their costs down. The industry is even seeing digitization, with computer programs used to more efficiently service customers and support work crews.

Seminars included training for best practices in snow and ice removal, as well as best practices for managing your business.

Sustainable Salt Usage

Relatively new for SIMA, the organization has also begun working with contractors on “sustainable salt usage.” Sustainable salt usage is optimizing salt usage so only what is needed for safety is placed down, saving contractors money, but more importantly, limiting the amount of salt reaching our waterways. SIMA wants to see people safe by the elimination of ice in high traffic areas, but also wants to see the industry be environmentally conscience, protecting our fresh water systems for generations to come.

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