11/18/20 Forecast: Snow, Then Warmer Than Average

11.18.20 Weather Map

Northwest Snow, Unsure About the Northeast

Today and most of this week, nearly all of the U.S. is expected to be dry with virtually no precipitation. The one big exception to that is a few spots in the Pacific Northwest. Up in the mountains, they may even see more than a foot of snow. Later in the week, a system builds up in the Rockies that could spread over the plains and into Canada and the Northeast with the potential for some snow, depending on the temperatures.

11.17.20 Great Lakes Snow Map

11/17/20 Great Lakes Snow

Yesterday the Great Lakes experienced some lake effect snow. Parts of Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania had widely scattered snow spots that produced several inches in some areas and even a little heavier in others. It wasn’t very organized or intense, but it definitely produced snow-covered grounds in some areas on Tuesday for a brief time before warmer temps melted things.

Potential Snow for the Weekend

After a very dry week by anyone’s standards, on Friday a snowy system is expected to brew up in the Rockies around Denver. At the same time in the plains near Kansas City and Saint Louis, a rainy system will kick up but warmer temps are probably going to keep that as rain in the East. We’ll need to stay tuned to see if enough Arctic air moves down to make this snow instead. If it becomes snow, meteorologist Brian Ivey says it will have to be “sneaky snow.” That’s something to watch for on the northern end of the system. Just a few degrees will make all the difference.

Crazy Warm Temperatures to End November

11.28.20 Warm Weather Map

The only thing warmer than dark red on a weather map is brown! Look at all the brown on the map above showing temperatures WAY above average at the end of November. We’re talking about 15-25 degrees above average in the warmest spots! Overall, the entire United States is at least a few degrees above average temperatures for this time of year.

11/18/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast for snow contractors video below for all the details on this week, going into next week.

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