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Rob discusses the impact of climate change and global warming on future El Niño and La Niña patterns.  Read further to find how large the impact can be… Global Warming & Climate Change Are Hot Topics: How Does It Affect Us? The debate over climate change and global warming is ‘heating up’ and a topic for many water cooler conversations. Politicians use it to change rules and policy. How does it effect you and me though? 1. Is global warming … Read more Does Global Warming & Climate Change Affect El Niño?

Buying a Snow Plow at the End of the Season Saves You Big Money Think about it. If retailers have old inventory they have to Store the Inventory in a clean, safe place so it looks like new to the final customer six months from now Pay the manufacturer for the inventory on the shelves Pay to insure the inventory to protect against theft or damage Keep track of the inventory for proper accounting Hope the manufacturer does not change … Read more Why You Should Buy a Snow Plow at the End of the Season

Meteorologist Rob Guariano reporting for a Snow Plow News weather update. In this episode, Rob forecasts the effects of La Nińa on winter 2016/2017. El Nińo And La Nińa Influences                             Depending upon where you live, the effects of El Nińo and La Nińa can have significant impacts on your weather. With El Nińo dynamics effecting winter weather this year, some areas saw more than normal snowfall, … Read more La Nińa Influences 2016/2017 Winter Snowfall Expectations

About a month after the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Court affirmed an earlier trial court ruling, Douglas Dynamics released a short statement regarding their patent infringement suit against Buyers Products. This delayed announcement is hopefully the last chapter in a drawn out story about patent infringement between two of the larger players in the snow and ice industry. When Buyers Products jumped into making plows in 2007, they found inspiration for their products from some of the … Read more Douglas Dynamics vs Buyers Products Lawsuit Update

Meteorologist Rob Guariano reporting for a SnowPlowNews weather update. In this episode, Rob explains the difference in El Nińo and La Nińa. El Nińo And La Nińa Stir Up Global Weather   You’ve heard the phrases tossed around all over weather forecasts for years now: El Nińo and La Nińa. Both are complex weather patterns resulting from fluctuations in ocean water temperatures. Those ocean temperatures react with the atmospheric temperatures to create some havoc. Generally speaking, these periods last for … Read more Weather Buzzwords: El Nińo VS La Nińa

Introducing the most complete snow plow dealer list in the world! After tackling the ability to compare snow plows, we thought it would be helpful to have an easy way to look up local snow plow dealers. In the past, you were stuck with looking up a dealer on a manufacturer site, but no more! We have compiled the most complete list of snow plow dealers for all the top snow plow brands in North America! A Better Way to … Read more The Best Snow Plow Dealer Locator

Introducing the most complete snow plow comparison tool in the world! The team at Snow Plow News likes to compare the variety of snow plows available on the market, but that seems hard to do when you want to compare plows from different manufacturers. Until recently, you had to pull up several different web sites and go back and forth looking at the different plows. Snow Plows are hard to compare that way, not only does it take time to … Read more Compare Snow Plows for Sale

    You’ll find some excellent tools at Snow Plow News for keeping up with snow and ice industry news, reviews, weather, equipment and more! One of the great tools you’ll find for choosing a snow plow is our snow plow comparison charts. Let’s use that tool now to examine some of the big guns in the world of snow plows. Snowplow Manufacturer Comparison Categories In this series of comparisons, we’ll take a look at the combined ratings of all … Read more Review & Compare Snow Plows: Western VS Hiniker

The Northeast gets a lot of snow. Lake Effect areas are particularly susceptible to massive accumulations of the white stuff. Many of these areas have serious snow removal operations in place to keep the roads as clear as possible, but it’s quite a job. In a recent Snow Plow News Weather Update, Meteorologist Rob Guarino talked about the snowstorm that hit the towns of Mexico and Parish, New York. That storm dumped 37 inches of snow in one day. Where … Read more Iraq War Vet, Justin Anderson, Has A Unique Perspective On Proposed New Jersey Snow Plow Bill