Knowing your need for information about the next snowfall, we have created an interactive snow forecast map with help from the NOAA maps so you can know exactly when you will get hit with the next snow.  No need to try to catch the news and no checking multiple different zip codes on a weather site to get a sense of how much snow each part of your territory will get, just hop on over to our map! You can … Read more Introducing the New Interactive Snow Forecast Map!

Arrowhead Engineered Products Inc. (formerly Arrowhead Electrical Products, Inc.) will be the new owner of Stens and JThomas Parts.  Owned by Ariens Company, Stens has been with Ariens since 1995 and JThomas since 2008, the companies are changing hands under unknown terms as both buyer and seller are privately held companies. Stens and JThomas are both aftermarkets parts distributors.  Stens primarily markets to the independent power equipment dealers while JThomas Parts reaches out directly to landscape contractors. For Ariens, this … Read more Ariens Company Sells Aftermarket Parts Businesses to Arrowhead Engineered Products

Snow Weather if Finally Coming! If you look at the image above you will note there is a high probability of snow in a band of weather stretching from Wyoming to Minnesota.  The cold air pushing south is finally going to bring seasonal temperatures and for most of the US, the first significant snow fall of the season.  In this next image, you can see how little snow has accumulated this season so far, and only in the mountains on … Read more Cold & Snow Finally Coming in 2016!

Gravely Pro-QXT for Winter and Year-Round Use The Gravely Pro-QXT is the ultimate year-round machine for your snow removal arsenal.  With a brush, blade, and snow thrower attachment, it is ready for any snow, from dustings to blizzards.  The Pro-QXT is truly a commercial machine, able to take the rigors of a hard day’s work, day in and day out throughout the year. We had a chance to talk to Trae Humphreys, product manager for the Gravely line, who shared … Read more Gravely Pro-QXT Product Review

We had a chance to talk to Paul Rasevic at Rasevic Snow Services recently to learn about his business.  Rasevic Snow Services is headquartered in Bathesda, Maryland, and services central Maryland (including Baltimore), Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia.   Quick Stats: Employees, Full Time: 38 Employees, Seasonal: 750 Equipment: everything from shovels to 8 yard loaders to snow melters Favorite Snow Plow: Western Favorite Loader Plow: Protech How Did You Get Into the Snow and Ice Industry? “My brother (Mark) … Read more Contractor Highlight – Rasevic Snow Services

11/8/16 Milwaukee – Cold air, significant cold air, is finally forecast to arrive for most of the northern United States in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  Our very warm Fall has meant little snow and even less Lake Effect Snow.  We talked about this last week, when we published an article on the end of the mild fall weather.  As stated in that article, the mild weather has been shared with many of Canada’s cities. The second half of … Read more Lake Effect Snow Basics

Only about 35% of the United States Population are in states that account for 65% of the snow and ice removal spend. While every state gets snow or ice during some winters (even Hawaii gets snow on the top of some mountains), it certainly isn’t a level playing field. New York Biggest Consumer of Snow Removal The northeastern states (New York and states east of New York) have the highest snow and ice revenues, but that is mostly because New … Read more 66% of Snow and Ice for 35% of the Population

EZ-Launch EFI Brings more Power and Control Ariens Company is releasing what they call their EZ-Launch EFI engine this year.  Why should you care?  More control, less fuel, longer life, easier operation, and 73 tons of snow per hour might get you interested.  They are the first we know of to use an electronic governor on a snow thrower engine to equip you with the ultimate snow thrower for commercial use.  Let us break down why their new engine boasts … Read more 73 Tons of Snow an Hour

You have heard that you should check your smoke alarm batteries at the time change in fall, and remember to check your equipment batteries now too.  Waiting for the snow to fly is not when you want to think about getting new batteries. If you are running a snow plow and an electric spreader, you put a lot of strain on your truck batteries.  Just because your truck starts in the cold does not mean your truck battery is up … Read more Daylight Savings Ends – Check Your Batteries

November 2, 2016 Milwaukee – Much of the United States and southern Canada have enjoyed mild temperatures since September.  Yes, there have been a few brief shots of cold and light snow east of the Rockies, but not many.  Many Canadian cities enjoyed the mild temperatures in October, too.  The only cities east of the Rockies to experience colder than average temperatures were Calgary and Edmonton.  Here is a chart of the October warmth: City October 2016 Temp (°C) Normal … Read more An End to Our Mild Fall Weather