After a snow removal company grows to a certain point, the business owner often begins to think about whether the company should continue to take anybody and everybody that will sign a contract or if they should begin to specialize in handling only certain kinds of clients. We caught up with Kevin Gilbride, Executive Director of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), and talked to him about the differences between commercial and residential snow removal and why the average snow … Read more Is Specializing in Commercial or Residential Snow Removal Right for You?

Facing a Road Construction Project? Help Local Business Owners Survive Orange barrels mark a construction project. Extensive road construction can disrupt traffic, hinder parking, and cripple local shopkeepers. Transportation projects often disrupt a busy main street in a business district. The economic impact can be devastating! In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, business owners were informed their sales could drop between 33-70 percent during the State Street Streetscape project that began last spring in 2016. And guess what? There are still major traffic and parking disruptions … Read more Assistance for Businesses Disrupted by Road Projects

Wisconsin APWA Plow Roadeo at Lambeau Field September 5-6, 2017 The 28th Annual APWA – Wisconsin Snow Plow Roadeo and Equipment Show is quickly approaching and we would like to invite you to consider being a part of this exciting event. This will be the thirteenth consecutive year the competition will be held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Winter Maintenance Supervisor training will again be offered the day before the Roadeo, Tuesday September 5. The Roadeo and equipment show are scheduled … Read more APWA Wisconsin Snowplow Roadeo Sept. 5-6, 2017

Cleaning a lot in half the time sounds really good, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t any snow removal contractor like to cut their labor in half? That is what happened to one team dedicated to removing snow at a distribution center when they exchanged their offset plow for a patented Snowgrr by Berlon Industries to clear snow out from underneath trailers and other hard to clear areas. We had an opportunity to chat with the inventor of the Snowgrr, Elliot Pennock, whose … Read more Clearing Snow Fast from Under Trailers

Milwaukee – Wow, it is sunny and hot across most of the United States. That is not a surprise in early August. Most of the United States is now starting to experience a slight drop in average temperature now that we are inching towards late summer. June was quite warm and July has been very similar. And that makes it a perfect time to talk about this winter, right? For some of us it is always too early to discuss winter. And for others, they never stop talking about winter.

Researching Past Snowfall is Tricky Winter Weather Research is a bit tougher than going to your favorite search engine and expecting a decent response.  Oh, you will get a number of results but, more often than not, you will get the Weather Channel and its’ competitors or you will get an article designed as “click-bait” which you will no doubt click on – Not actual Research… OR      You will inadvertently click on one of the many web resources … Read more Winter Weather Research Tools Available

        ‘There is a global push from an environmental perspective to hold the snow & ice management industry accountable for using salt more efficiently. Those who start now win.’     By Phill Sexton Over the past 3 years, SIMA has helped lead an academic research study to help us understand best practice application methods and more precisely begin to calculate rates of salt that are both effective and efficient for facility-focused snow management – the initial … Read more Reducing over-reliance on salt

‘Strategically, SIMA is working to shake the industry up and build a better, safer, and more efficient workforce.’ By Brian Birch, CAE As SIMA has grown, we’ve built and launched many training events and products over the years. Recently we launched the Advanced Snow Management program, after literally years of project work and discussion.   The thing that has surprised me is that many snow professionals don’t necessarily value training in snow all that much.  Our surveys over the years … Read more Why don’t snow professionals value training like other industries?

Let’s face it snow plows are bound to encounter obstacles.  Those obstacles could include manhole covers, curbs, frozen snow banks and everything in between.  If you have been snowplowing for any period of time, you could probably add a few other items to that list.  Obstructions and obstacles are one of the unavoidable dangers of snowplowing. As such, snow plow manufacturers design and build snow plows with trip protection technology to help protect the plow and truck from damage.  The tripping … Read more A Comparison of the BOSS XT vs DXT

‘A well-managed, well-respected certification program can add significant value to an individual’s credentials and help differentiate them in a tough market.’ By Ellen Lobello Earning your Certified Snow Professional (CSP) designation is a major accomplishment that reflects personal and professional growth. The commitment to apply for the exam, study the material, pass the test, and then maintain the certification is not to be taken lightly. Over the past year, SIMA has taken significant steps to help ensure insurance providers and … Read more Certification as a Marketing Asset