Of Big Snows and First Flakes


Snow Is Coming!

We are coming up on October and we have already passed the earliest recorded snow fall in some parts of the country (Minneapolis, Sept. 24th). The question on everyone’s mind is, how much will it snow this year? Yes, we know that La Nina is weak or even non-existent, but for those of us in the industry, those white flakes can shimmer like gold. Don’t talk to me about La Nina, tell me how much white gold is going to fall this year.

First Snow in Minneapolis, MN is September 24th

We keep talking to our in-house forecasters about the snow and they keep telling us, “Yes, more snow than last year.” It should be a good year for snow. How can they be sure when they don’t even know if we have a La Nina or a neutral year?

This is what they told us, because regardless of where if falls on the La Nina versus  neutral condition year, we are still going to get moisture and cold winds in either scenario, dumping snow in everyone’s back yard (well, maybe not if you are the odd person reading about snow removal in Miami, but the rest of us look forward to the white stuff).

First Snow in New York, NY is October 20th

When are we going to get real snow? For most of us, we will start seeing significant snow falls beginning the second half of November or the beginning of December. Get ready to start off protecting the public in just a few more weeks.  Isn’t this a great job?  We get to help keep people safe and make an honest dollar doing it.

With snow about to hit in just a few short weeks, that means October is the time to get your plow ready to go or to get that new plow installed. It is no longer time to look at that V-Box spreader on the show room floor, it is time to load that machine on the back of your truck. With a normal winter returning to us, the industry is looking to rebound from the slim winter we had last year, and your business should see that rebound too.

First Snow in Pittsburgh, PA is oct. 18th

Remember, the early bird gets the worm. If you are looking for a good deal on a snow plow, now is the time to look for early season specials as a lot of dealers are looking to clear out some of their new stock of plows and spreaders that just arrived. Look for those early specials because when the snow starts flying we find the sale prices often go away because the dealers need to hold onto enough plows to replace old plows that break down mid-season.

Just for fun, I borrowed off of our “first snow” forecast so you can see how early snow hits in your area.  You can see the video and other cities below. Happy plowing my friends!